Chapter 22

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Luke's Point Of View

Tears kept streaming down my cheeks and I didn't wipe them. Noel is dead? She can't be dead. I kept telling myself that, but my stopped beating once I seen the door open and a gurney rolls out. A black body bag was placed on top and it was rolled into a truck. I fell onto my knees and screamed.

"OH MY GOD!" I screamed, laying on the ground. "WHY DID SHE DO THIS?!"

"Her depression, Luke," The boy said. "She's back to her old self. She took the gun and shot herself. She said she missed her best friend and that it was time for her to be with him."


"Who? Landon?" I whispered.

"How do you know Landon?" He asked, helping me from the ground.

"Uh, he's Noel's best friend," I said. "He died from committing suicide."

"He's also my brother," He said. "My name is Levi and I know who you are, Noel told me all about you."

I smiled a little bit. At least she never forgot all about me. After about two or three hours, I talked with Levi about Noel and I met Noel's family, who seemed very nice. I called Calum and told him all about the news and he felt deeply sorry for Noel's death. I told I'll be staying in a hotel, so I can attend her funeral that'll happen next week.

I can't believe she's dead.

What could I possibly have done to save her? If I stayed up with her and talked to her, I could of saved her. I lost a friend because of the pain she's going through and I feel like it's my fault. I miss her terribly and I wish I could say one final goodbye to her.

I opened the hotel door with the key card and shut it. I threw my suitcase on the floor and entered the bathroom. I gasped at my reflection. My red eyes from crying so much. My hair is messy from me gripping on it too much. Her death affected me so much.

I grabbed my cell phone and looked through my contacts. I clicked on Noel's name and I typed the words I've should've done months ago.

I miss you.

I shut the light off in the bathroom and laid on the bed. I looked through the pictures and felt tears stream down my cheeks.

Why did you have to do this?

I mentally kept hitting myself for not contacting her since she left. It's my fault she did this. I could of saved her life if I was there for her.

But, I wasn't.

And I hate myself for it. If I tried hard, we could be together right now. We could've been laughing. We could've been smiling.

But we're not.

Did she find someone else? Is it that Levi guy? My stomach turned at the thought. Maybe I wasn't good enough for her. But it's fine, though. I'm never enough for anyone.

What could I have done to prevent this from happening? I never do the right thing when it comes to someone. I always to the wrong. Where did I go wrong with Noel?

I lost one of the most important people in my life due to me being a coward. She's one of best people I've met ever. I truly lost a friend. A best friend. Someone who I would stay up until three in the morning to talk to about anything in particular. We could talk about how circles are better than squares or how triangles are better than rectangles.

We could talk for hours about pointless stuff, I don't care what it is unless I can hear the sound of her beautiful voice.

Her beautiful chocolate-colored locks that were smooth when I ran my fingers through them. Or when her blue orbs shined, making them sparkle and make me fall in love with her more than ever.

I love her.

I love her smile.

I love her eyes.

I love everything about her and I never got to tell her. She's so perfect and I never got to tell her. She's so beautiful. She's like a rose. The beauty that outshines everything else in this dark, terrifying place we call a world. The best thing that's ever happened to me has gone so quickly and I can't do anything about it at all.

I felt numb. Lost. My heart is broken and pieces are scattered across the floor, waiting to be put back together. But, I don't want my heart to be put back together. Unless it's Noel who is putting my heart back together.

I shut the hotel room door and walked along the never-ending hallway. I checked out and waited for a cab to take me to the airport. I texted my mom and Calum that I'm coming home, they have no idea that Noel is now dead.


My mother and Calum stood next to the terminal. My mother welcomed me with open arms. Calum looked at me with a sad expression.

I followed my mother and Calum out into the car. It was quiet. No one said a word. There's tension and I can feel in the air.

We finally pull up to the house. My mother tells me to go on and I obliged, not wanting to be outside. Calum follows behind me. We walk silently up to my bedroom and I walk in, Calum shutting the door behind him.

"Are you okay?" He asked.

I shook my head. "I should've called or texted her. Oh my gosh, this is my fault. I'm the reason Noel is dead."

"Do not blame yourself for this, Luke," He said.

I sat on my bed, my gaze faced the floor. Calum leaned against the wall. It's utterly silent. I feel his eyes burning in the back of my head. None of us say a word and it's causing tension so hard, I could feel it inside my body.




"You rock my world, you know you did, everything I own, I give. The rarest love who'd think I find, someone like you to call mine."

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