Chapter 7

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Noel's Point Of View

I set my laptop up on my bed. It's been about two months since I've been in Australia and I haven't talked to my parents or my sister. I really miss them and I don't miss people that much, except Landon.

I logged into my Skype account and wait until it loads. It pulls up my profile and I go to my contacts. I scroll down until I see my mom's username.

Should I even do this? I mean, it's cruel to go this long and not talk to her, but there's times where I don't even want to speak to her. I keep thinking over and over if I should or not.

But, my mother decides to call me. I accept the call and her face fills the screen.

"Hey, Noel! I miss you so much! How's Australia?" She asked.

"It's good," I said, casually.

"Are you having fun? How is your appointments with the therapist? Are you taking your pills? Have you made any friends?" She asked.

"No, bad, yes, and only one. Her name is Lauren," I said, answering all her annoying questions.

"It'll get better," she said. "Your father and sister miss you, they miss you a lot."

"How's it over there?" I asked.

"Uh," she said. "It's okay. People have been asking where you've been."

They've noticed?

"Oh, that's a shocker," I said.

"Look, I'm sorry that I'm making this quick, but I've got errands. I'll talk to you soon. I love you," she said.

I waved and I disconnected. I laughed to myself. They've noticed? People actually notice that I wasn't there? Those 'people' ignore me every chance they get. They don't notice me when I'm even standing right next to them. They now notice I'm gone after two or three months since I've moved to Australia. They don't ever talk to me, so why bother asking where I've been? It's not going to change anything in that matter. I'm going to be the same person as I was when I left and still will be when I return, if I do.

It just doesn't make sense.

Being bored sitting here, I huffed and stood up. I changed into a tee and shorts. I slipped on some sandals and walked downstairs. I told Aunt Cathy I'm going for a walk. I didn't wait for her response, I just left.

I stepped outside and walked along the sidewalk. I approached the park and I sat on the swing. I swung back and forth.

"Hey, Noel," Luke said.

"Hey," I said.

"Are you okay?" He asked.

"Why wouldn't I be?" I asked.

"You just seem quiet," He said.

"I'm not a loud-type person," I said.

"Oh, do you, maybe, want to get some ice cream or something?" He asked.

I thought for a moment. I've told myself to stay away. But, I eventually have to loosen up.

"Uh, sure," I said.

He smiled. I followed him and we walked down the sidewalk. It was quite silent, yet peaceful. There wasn't much for Luke and I to talk about since we don't know about each other except our names. That's pretty much it. I enjoy the quietness. I'm one of those quiet people, someone who isn't fond of loud places, such as clubs. It isn't my scene and it'll never be.

We approached the ice cream shop and we entered through the door. We ordered our ice cream and we sat in one of the booths. We kept the conversation little, like I said, we don't know each other.

I wasn't interested into getting to know him. He seemed nice. Lauren told me he's nice, funny, and he's quite laid back. I just sticked with that and didn't even bother asking her questions about the other boys, who doesn't seem interesting to me.

After twenty awkward minutes, Luke and I exit the ice cream shop. He offered to walk me home, but I refused, wanting to be by myself. He understood and walked the other direction.

I sighed and started walking home. I started thinking of what could be happening in Arizona right now, as in, if Landon was here.

We could be smiling. We could be laughing. We could be teasing each other. We could be ourselves. We could be happy. But, all that's.. gone. Gone like the wind. Gone and never to return. Everything disappeared. Everything isn't the same. My heart is broken. My soul is shattered.

And it will never be fixed again.





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