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Chapter 1

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Noel's Point Of View

I covered my ears as my mother banged on my wooden bedroom door, followed by my sister's cries and my father's yells, begging me to open the door and to let them inside my empty bedroom, that's filled with nothing, but cold and devastating memories, that I wish could go away and maybe, just maybe, I'll have a normal life again. I kept blinking my eyes, I didn't want to cry. Crying isn't an option at this moment. I tightened the grip on my ears, drowning out their noises even more. Why can't they just go away? Can't they see I want to be alone?

I rolled my eyes and stood up from my hard floor, where I spend most of my time laying on instead of my bed that's only about two feet away. I opened the door and I sharply glared at my parents and my sister. They stopped and we had a moment of silence before I tried to slam the door in their face, but my sister, Anna, stopped it with her foot. I huffed and I walked away from them.

My mother told me to start packing. I'm leaving for the airport to Australia for awhile. My parents think it'll be good for me to stay with my aunt, who's in Australia. I sat on my bed while she packed my clothes for me. I didn't even want to help, nor do I ever. My mother zipped my two suitcases and my carry-on bags. She looked at me and opened her mouth, but quickly closed it. She shook her head and walked out of the room, closing the door behind her. I looked out the window and see the sun shining. How could be shining at this time of the day? I slid the window open and hopped out. I sat on the roof. When I'm stressed, which happens a lot, I usually come down here to think.

Ever since he left, my life has been ruined. It was ruined before I even told him my feelings, when my best friend died. He made it better. He gave me a reason to live and to see what the world has to offer. Now, I don't even care about the world, or myself.

Being zoned out, I didn't noticed the sky becoming dark. I stood up and got back inside my bedroom. I changed into a t-shirt and leggings, I got into bed, and thought about what's going to happen and how my life will change in Australia.


My mother weeped and leaned into my father's shoulder. My sister rubbed her back and I stood there, awkwardly. I'm currently waiting for my flight to be called.

My mother told me to be careful and to take my pills. She reminded me to talk to my aunt to schedule an appointment with a therapist. She hugged me and I hesitantly hugged her back. My father and sister hugged me, making us have a group hug. They all pulled away.

I hear a woman on the speaker, saying a flight to Australia is now boarding. My family hugged me and told me they loved me. I waved a little and I walked up to a man. He asked me my ticket and I handed it to him. He told me my seat number and to have a safe flight. I walked into the hall, leading to the plane. I gave my luggage to these people and told me to keep one of my carry-on bags.

I entered the plane and walked down the row to find my seat. I sat down and set my bag under my feet. I shoved my earphones in. The sound of Sia's voice made me drift to a slumber.


I slept through the whole flight. The person next to me woke my up and told me we've landed in Australia. I slowly stood up and reached for my bag. I slid it on my shoulder and followed everyone out of the plane. I walked out of the terminal and looked around for my aunt.

There's too many people here to even notice. I'm getting pushed around by other people. These Australians are rude.

"Noel?" Someone asked behind me. I slowly turned around and I saw my aunt. She looked exactly like my father. Her hazel eyes and brunette hair. She smiled and slowly walked towards me. She wrapped me in a hug and again, I hesitantly wrapped my arm around her. "You've grown so much! The last time I've seen you, you were only thirteen years old. Time flies by, doesn't it? Are you hungry? We'll get a bite to eat after we've picked your luggage up, okay?"

I nodded my head. We've waited for my luggage. It's silent and awkward without us not talking. I liked it. I don't talk to anyone and I'm pretty sure she got the idea. My luggage comes out. My aunt, Cathy, offers to carry my bags. I let her carry one of my suitcases and one of my carry-on bags. I followed her out of the airport and towards the parking lot. We walk up to a black mustang. We put my luggage inside the trunk and pile into the car. She asked me where I wanted to go to eat. I looked around and pointed to McDonald's on the right. She nodded and drove into the parking lot. She opened the door and we walked into the place. We waited in line.

"Next!" The woman with blonde hair yelled. I startled and walked up to the counter and ordered my food. I took out my money, but Aunt Cathy paid it for me.

After a few minutes of silence, my food was called. She hands me my bag and drink. Aunt Cathy told me I could eat on the way home. We walked out of the restaurant. My aunt started the car and we drove to a place called 'home'.


We pulled up to a huge house. I got out and I followed my aunt inside. She walked back out to get my luggage. I stood inside awkwardly, waiting for her to come back inside. She walked back inside and set my luggage on the floor next to the leather couch.

"Uh, I'll show you around the house, so you'll be familiar with it now that you'll be living with me," Aunt Cathy said. "I know it'll be hard since Lan-"

I shot up and I glared at her. She covered her face and sighed deeply. She looked back at me, but with tears in her eyes.

I hope my mother mentioned to Aunt Cathy about Landon. I couldn't be reminded about him. Everything I see or hear, it brings me to Landon.

"Noel, I'm terribly sorry," She said. "I totally forgot and I feel bad. I wanted you to be comfortable here and now you can't with me mentioning him."

I shook my head. "It's okay, Aunt Cathy. I just hope my mother mentioned it to you about him and such. And that's I'm supposed to be here to start all over and forget about him, which will be quite the challenge."

"It'll okay, I guess? But, it's getting late, and you should get some rest."

I picked up my luggage off the ground and I walked up the steps and into my room. I unpacked my things, putting my shirts in the closet and my others in the drawers. I knocked my suitcase on ground, making my stuff fall out and onto the ground, creating a mess of clothes. I looked at it, not caring to pick it up.



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