Chapter 8 Part 3: A Cruise

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Yay! Thanksgiving break is here! That means more time for me to write this story! Hope you enjoy what I have right here, right now! I'm so proud of the word count! :P


"Y/N WAKE UP!" I heard a high pitched yell shout so close to my ear you would think that we were touching.

"AH!" I screamed and jumped three feet off the bed and landed on the floor with my face dug into the carpet.

As I rubbed the bruise that was forming on my head I heard Nya erupt into fits of giggles. She was holding her sides from the pain that her laughter was causing her.

"Haha, very funny Nya" I roll my eyes.

She snickered a little bit, "Come on! Breakfast is being served in the dining hall!"

I rubbed my tired eyes and looked at Nya who was fully clothed in jean shorts and a blue and white t-shirt that complemented her pearl earrings and sun hat. "Let me dressed first and then we can go"

"Ok! I will wait for you outside!" Nya told me and started walking to the hotel room door.

I dragged my feet over to my suitcase to look through the options of clothes I had. Thankfully I folded all my clothes the night before and neatly placed them back in my suitcase. I was glad that I tossed in some decent clothes instead of clothes that made me look like a trash panda.

I put on a white shoulder-less shirt on with some jeans on and white converse. I thought I looked decent enough to walk outside and face the world or Lloyd for that matter...

I crossed my fingers, "I hope my outfit isn't too bad! I hope he likes my outfit! I hope I don't ruin my outfit! I hope Leslie doesn't ruin my outfit! Heck, I just hope this day goes well!" I mumbled to myself. 

Your Outfit:

Your Outfit:

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I made sure to grab my card to get back into my room and then I went to wander the hallways in search for Nya. I found her sitting in a lounge chair, by the elevators, playing Subway Surfers on her phone. Instead of the original game, she was playing the Ninja themed version that had all the Ninja as characters and even some shark people. Her character was currently the water ninja who was getting chased by Lord Garmadon who was the "cop" in the game.

"I love the water ninja! She is awesome! She is the definition of girl power!" I spoke up as I made my way over to Nya.

Nya smiled and looked at her phone, "You think?"

"I wonder what it's like for her... being the only girl on a team filled with boys. That must suck!" I stroked my chin as I pretended like I was in deep thought.

Nya giggled at my statement, "I bet the male ninjas are absolutely annoying and the the water ninja is the only sane ninja on the team!"

"You know what I bet? I bet that the ninjas might act strong and tough but on the inside they are all memes and jokes!" I laughed as Nya giggled with me.

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