Chapter 1: An Enemy And A Friend

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What is that horrid noise? My alarm clock? Why did you have to wake me up alarm clock? I was having an amazing dream! This is exactly how I planned to start my first day of school. School is boring and terrible anyways...

I smushed a pillow to my face as I grumbled into it. I reached my arm out towards my dresser, my hand felt around it for my phone. When I felt the outline of the said object, I grabbed it and lifted the pillow off of my face only to see the time read 7:00 with the word Monday under it. Why was I awake again? Wait...

"SCHOOL!" I frantically jumped up. I quickly slid out of bed an picked some skinny jeans and a nice, f/c t-shirt to wear to school. You have to look nice without looking like you tried so hard, that's the trick.

I, Y/N L/N, am a girl with h/l, h/c hair and e/c eyes that will be attending Ninjago High. I moved from a small village that was built over a lake called Stiix. It was a pretty shady place and my mom, Melissa, and my father, Ethan, thought it would be best if we moved out of that weird place.

"Hurry up Y/N! You don't want to be late!" My mom called from the kitchen, shaking me from my train of thoughts about my old home.

"Okay! I'll be down soon!" I yelled back. I quickly grabbed my phone, while checking myself in the mirror to make sure I looked at least decent, then I rushed to the kitchen. It was 7:30 by the time I finished getting ready so I decided to grab a granola bar on my way out, not the best breakfast but better than nothing. I slung my backpack over my shoulder and stepped outside the front door. Just as I was about to walk towards school, my father yelled at me to come back. Soon I found myself being dragged to his car and put in the passenger's seat with all my stuff.

"I'm gonna take you to school today!" He exclaimed.

"I'm not a kid anymore! I can walk myself Dad!" I whined.

"I just want my pumpkin to have the best day!" He teased.

"Why Dad? Why?" I grumbled.

"We'll go to Starbucks on the way" He added.

"Why didn't you say so!?" I smiled brightly. I guess that's one way to get me to cooperate.

~~~Time Skip~~~

I just got my schedule and locker number from the office so I decided to go look for my locker. As I walked through the halls students sent intimidating glares and some stared at me while they whispered to their friends.  I tried to make myself as small as possible because feeling like the world is judging you isn't exactly the most pleasant feeling.

Yes! Locker 143! That's my locker! I quickly and quietly opened my locker and put unneeded books and binders in it to make it look like I was doing something. As I was about to shut the locker, a loud bang echoed down to hall making me jump. My head shot up towards the noise. A few lockers down a blond boy with the most beautiful green eyes, the greatest hair, and a cute face being shoved against a locker by a taller boy with brown hair.

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