Chapter 17: Nah

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"Oh, hey," One of the waitresses, Lucy, blinked at the door as Percy and Dean walked inside. "Percy's not an old man anymore!"

Percy swiveled his head slowly towards her, "I beg your entire pardon, I'm only twenty three thank you very much." He ran a hand through his now black hair, sighing to himself. Aph had come over when Dean and Sam were out shopping, turning his hair back to its original hair, all while grumbling over the fact that she could just change the color with a snap of her fingers.

May blinked at him from where she was picking up dirty dishes from a table, "Sometimes I forget you're older than me."

"I literally hate you so much." He turned to Dean, "Do you see the disrespect I have to deal with?"

"I see nothing," Dean decided because he did not feel like battling May after a full morning arguing with Sam over what groceries to get. "I'm blind."

Percy squinted at him, "This is betrayal. For this, I won't make you any cookies."

"No," Dean whined, shaking his head. "I'm sorry, please don't take away the cookies. I can't live without them."

"I feel so loved," The black-haired man wiped a fake tear away, ignoring May who was calling them their usual pet name- idiot. She was such a charmer, that one. He went to speak when the Voice spoke up.

"Jackson," Boss poked his head out from his office, a serious look set on his face. "I need to talk to you for a minute."

Percy stared at the man for a moment before nodding slowly, taking off his apron so no one stopped him. "Alright." He turned to May but she was already waving him off, saying that her and Dean could split his tables for now. He went inside Boss' office, closing the door and locking it behind him so none of the others tried to barge in to use the fancy coffee machine. "What's going on?"

"There's been an increase of activity near our diner," Boss started solemnly from where he saw behind his desk, rubbing his face tiredly. "Jameson almost died last night. He's fine," He said in the face of Percy's shocked look. "Your ex Annabeth saved him before he could get too hurt."

"... What do you want me to do about it?" Percy had a sinking suspicion and he didn't like it. He had reasons for being where he was today and he felt like his boss' next words would send him backwards.

Boss sighed, looking like he aged a few years in a few minutes, "Percy, you're one of the strongest demigods I know. I've already informed the others about this but... We can't risk everyone here. We have to get rid of the threats."

Percy sat down heavily in one of the chairs before resting his forearms on his thighs, hiding his face in his hands for a moment. Finally, he sat back with a groan, rubbing his eyes, "Alright, fine. Who do we have on watch this week?"

"Nicole, Lauren, and Diane are taking shifts Sunday through Tuesday. You, May, and Annabeth have Wednesday to Monday."

"But that's only three of us for four days," The demigod frowned after going over Boss' words. At the man's raised eyebrows, Percy shook his head rapidly, "No, no way. Nuh-uh, nope. Nah. Did I say no? I'm not asking Dean to help out."

Boss tapped his desk steadily as he looked at the younger man, "I know you both are trying to get away from everything, and I hate to do this to you, but we need both of your help. Like it or not, you're a child of the Big Three and Dean is part of one of the most famous hunting families. We need all the help we can get to keep everyone alive until we figure out what the hell is going on."

"You're sound too much like your mother," Percy squinted, pointing at the man before walking towards the door.

Boss' grey eyes twinkled, "I'll take that as a compliment."



"What in Hades is this?" Percy poked the salad in front of him, frowning when a lettuce piece stuck to his fork.

Sam rolled his eyes when he saw the expression was mirrored by his brother, "You both need to eat healthier. Don't think I didn't see the takeout containers in the trashcan."

Dean stared accusingly at the younger Winchester as he flicked a blueberry at his best friend, "You said you were going to get pizza."

"And then I decided not to. Come on, one salad won't kill you."

"I think it might," Percy muttered as he tried to use ranch to hide the fact that he was eating leaves. His eyes flicked over to the Winchesters, silently wondering if now would be the right time to bring up the supernatural bullshit happening. He didn't want to tell the brothers about his family, at least not yet, so he found himself in a bind.

Oh, wait, hey, he actually had an idea that might work.

"You guys hear about what happened to Jameson last night?" The demigod said as he chewed some of his food robotically. "Dude got attacked while leaving work."

Dean looked up sharply from where he was playing with a crouton, eyes wide with worry, "Is he okay? Who attacked him?"

Percy shrugged, "Dunno. Jameson said he didn't see anyone at all with him. Thinks he would have died, though, if Annabeth didn't show up to judo flip the invisi-thing into submission."

"He didn't see anything?" Sam asked as he and Dean looked at each other.

"Nah, man. There wasn't even anything on the cameras," The demigod thought back to the video feed May played for him, about how ,even in the lighting at the back of the diner, there wasn't anything but Jameson and Annabeth's shadows. He leaned forward, pointing his fork at the brothers, "But, if you ask me, Annabeth hit something." He sat back in his chair, stabbing some blueberries with his fork to eat, "Boss is thinking about having the diner close up early for now while it's still light out to keep everyone safe. We don't want whatever the fuck that thing was to attack us or our customers."

"That's smart," Dean sighed in relief, glad to know Boss was willing to do that. "This is some crazy shit."

Percy snorted, standing up to take his half-eaten salad to the trash, "You're tellin' me. I'm going to get some sleep. I'm helping May open tomorrow since Adrian is out visiting family."

The demigod didn't miss how the brothers leaned over to talk to each other after he left and he smirked. His plan worked and now the Winchester brothers were on the hunt for the monster.


This chapter is short but it's because I felt that this was a good place to end the chapter. As you can see, more of a plot is showing and we can see Boss and Percy's view on things more. If you couldn't tell, most of the workers at the diner can kick ass, not just May and Percy.

Let me know what you think! Add a few suggestions on what you want to see in the comments and I will try to see if I can add it sometime in the future!

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