Chapter 6: Ho Ho Ho!

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Dean sighed and knocked on the bedroom door, "Percy, come on, we're going to be late for work. It's not that bad."

"Yes, it is! You're lucky 'cause your thing covers your fucking face. Santa Claus doesn't look like this!" The man slammed the door open, revealing his costume. It was true that he had received a Santa costume but this one looked like a hipster Santa. The hair was a deep red, the girls in the diner forcing the man to temporarily dye it, and the pillows under his clothes looked lumpy in all the wrong places.

"Oh, man," The Winchester bursted out laughing, holding his stomach. "Did they give you clown shoes?"

"Yes," Percy grumbled, flicking the shoes off. "It's like they've never seen Santa!"

"Well, I kind of don't want to be seen in public with you," Dean chuckled, backing away from his friend. "I mean, if you can do something about this outfit, by all means, hop in my car. But, really... You look hideous."

"Do something about-" The black-haired man looked down at himself, eyes lighting up as an idea hit him, "I'll meet you at work. Hipster Santa is going bye bye."

"Alright, I'll tell May something came up with the costume so she doesn't hound your ass and kill ya."

"Thanks, man. Have fun with your costume. You'll look wonderful!"

"Shut up."

"Come on, no one will even see your face-"

"Shut up."

Percy just closed the door, laughing his ass off.


Dean did not want to get out of his car.

He knew May was inside waiting for him, but he also knew everyone else was also waiting for him. He was going to be the laughing stock. He flinched slightly when his phone rang and grabbed it, "Hello?"

"I can see you in your car. Get your ass inside and put on your Goddamn costume."

Dean gulped, "Yes, ma'am."

"Good." May hung up and the Winchester was more than slightly terrified.

He got out of his car, careful that he didn't close the door on his costume, and put on the head. "It's now or never," He mumbled.


A tall, floppy-haired man sat in his apartment working on a thesis paper, his beautiful girlfriend snuggled in his side as she watched him type away on the laptop. He had been at it for an hour so far and she could see that it was already an amazing paper despite being a draft.

"Honey, why don't you take a break?" She gently touched his arm, massaging small circles in the muscle.

He started for a moment before looking down at the blonde, "But, I'm almost done. I just have two more pages."

"Sam," She smiled fondly. "You're the smartest person I know. Just by looking at this paper half-finished, I can tell you're going to get an A on it."

Sam bit his lip, casting a glance at the laptop, "Alright. Yeah, okay. Wait, it's already eleven! I'm so sorry, Jess, I didn't mean to make you stay up."

"It's alright, sweetie, but let's go to bed now," She stood up and went to grab his hand when there was a strong knock at the door.

The couple looked at each other before Sam stood up himself, "I'll get it." He went over and opened it and couldn't help it when his eyes went wide, "Dad?"


"Where is he?" May tapped her foot, looking up at a reindeer. "We're about to open in five minutes, there are people already waiting in their cars, and Percy's not here!"

The reindeer lifted up his hands and shrugged his shoulders, voice muffled in the costume.

The woman shook her head, "You're enjoying that way too much, Winchester." She huffed a small laugh when he nodded his head enthusiastically. "Some of those people like him waiting their tables. If he's not here-"

"Chill," Percy suddenly dropped down from somewhere above them, making the woman jump. Dean just bobbed his head at him. "I'm here. No need to freak out, May."

"Finally, you're- What the hell did you do to your costume?!"

"Let's be honest, this is honestly better than the hipster santa thing you guys gave me."

"That's true but what are you supposed to be?"

"A candy cane!" Percy grinned proudly, gesturing to his outfit.

The man had completely changed the costume without actually changing it. You could see the parts that were still the hipster santa but the fabric was changed around so much that it looked different. The shirt's sleeves were cut off at the shoulders, seeing as before they were too baggy, and the belt was taken off. The fur lining the collar of the shirt was taken off and stitched around his waist a couple times, just like a candy cane. His pants were white with red stripes spaced around so it wasn't all clustered and his shoes were black with a small buckle. He had on a dark red undershirt that didn't draw any attention.

The thing that did draw everyone's attention was his hair.

"Dude," Dean's eyes widened under the reindeer head. "Your hair's white." His voice was muffled but you could tell what he said.

Percy smiled, "It's nice, right? A relative of mine stopped by and helped me with my costume and hair, that's why it looks so good."

May looked a bit disturbed, "It makes your eyes really bright. Like, don't look at me. Just... Turn around."

The man gave a surprised bark of laughter, turning around with a grin on his face. He smirked at Dean, tapping the reindeer's nose, before focusing on the doors, "Alright, people! Let's open!"

It was that moment that the Winchester noticed something about his friend that he hadn't before. Whenever Percy spoke, you listened. It was hard not to, the man just demanded it without batting an eye or even realizing he was doing it. It was almost like, if he really tried, he could lead an army and, Dean admitted, that scared him.

May sighed and rolled her eyes, "Finally! You better be on your A-game, Jackson! We've got lots of people today!"

"Ho ho ho!"

"You're a candy cane!"

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