Chapter 10: Pride or Die

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Dean was scared and he knew it. No matter how much he tried to hide it from himself, he knew. He wasn't prepared to face his family, knowing his father and brother were just in front of him close enough where he could touch them.

And punch them in the face.

Well, maybe just his dad.

The Winchester looked up at the food sitting innocently on the table and sighed. He'd have to serve them someday and, even though he really didn't want to see his father, he wasn't going to let the food get cold. He took his job seriously here at the diner, even if he greatly disliked certain customers.

Dean got up and put on the costume head, moving towards the tray. It's now or never.

He really wanted never.


"What's taking so long?" John growled as he tapped his fingers on the table.

"It's close to Christmas, Dad," Sam said, trying to calm the eldest Winchester down. "There're a lot of people here. I'm sure it's coming..." He stopped when he noticed a giant reindeer standing next to their table while holding a tray with food, "Now?"

Dean nodded his head, internally thankful that his coworker picked out the stupid reindeer costume for him to wear, and served his brother's food. He hated being this close to his family knowing that his father probably only needed him for a hunt. After all, if he did care for him then he wouldn't have left him with only a note telling them they were hunting on their own. Plus, Sammy was at the diner and not in his college so that meant that his father was desperate.

Dean could see Percy serving an elderly couple a few tables away, his friend smiling politely even as they cooed over his "pretty eyes." He wished he could be anywhere but in front of his family but his duty as a waiter prevented him from bailing at that moment. If he did then it would make the diner look bad and he wasn't about to do that to Boss.

He put his father's food in front of him, trying to hide how his hands were shaking, "Would you like me to refill your drinks?"

John shook his head and, after a moment of staring, Sam did the same, "No, we're alright, thank you."

Dean nodded and heading to the back, breathing a sigh of relief when he entered the break room, and took off his costume, "Geez..."

"Nice work, Winnie," Percy leaned on the doorway, his arms crossed, and gave the Winchester a lopsided smile. "You handled that well."

"Thanks," Dean returned the smile shakily, running a hand through his hair.

Percy walked over and sat next to his friend, leaning back in his chair, "Well, a deal's a deal. When we get home I'll give my family a call."

The brunette shook his head, "You don't have to." At first, he wanted his friend to but after feeling how nerve wracking it was to face his brother and father, he wouldn't be too upset if Percy backed down.

"Nope," The green-eyed man shook his head. "That wouldn't be fair. Boss said we could go in thirty. Seems like your family's leavin' right now. I don't think your dad likes me."

Dean chuckled, "Well, yeah, you did sass him the second you met him."

Percy shrugged, "He annoyed me. Anyways, once your family leaves you can stop wearing that reindeer thing. May said you've worn it long enough and handed me a santa hat and shirt for you to wear."

The Winchester was a bit surprised at that but he figured May felt kind of bad for him. The costume was really stuffy and the diner was a bit hotter inside than usual since it was close to snowing outside. She was also giving him several glances when he was serving his father and brother and figured she felt bad for him. "Sweet."

Jackson smiled at his friend before sighing dramatically as one of the cooks yelled at him to serve food, "Sadly, the life of a waiter is never done. Come on, Winnie, we gotta do our jobs."

"Alright, Jackie," Dean grinned. "Only 'cause Boss'll kick our asses if we don't."

"Nah, he's too lazy to do that. He'd just have May do it for him."

"Even more reason for us to hurry up."


When Percy and Dean finally got to their apartment, both of them flopped tiredly on their couch, too lazy to go to their rooms to change out of their work uniforms.

Dean took out his phone and went online to order a pizza from Dominos, "How long are you going to keep it white?"

Percy opened one of his eyes, looking at the Winchester with confusion, "What?"

"Your hair."

"Oh. Don't know, don't care," The green-eyed man sighed, snuggling further into his corner of the couch. "If you're ordering food, wake me up when it's here."

"Yeah, whatever," The Winchester waved him off. "I'm getting us pizza from Dominos."

"Cool. Shut up and let me sleep before I murder you when you least expect it."

"The last time you said that you put a book on top of the door and thought it would kill me when it fell."

"It could have."

"It was a Dr. Seuss book."

"Well, next time I'll use Pride and Prejudice since you're being so judgy."

"Eh, didn't really like that book," Dean admitted with a grin.

Percy opened his eyes and squinted at him, "...I would be upset but I don't care. Pride or die."

The Winchester laughed and shook his head, "Go to sleep. The pizza will be here in thirty minutes."

"That's what I've been trying to do but you wouldn't shut up."

"Well, now you're the one who won't shut up."

"Oh, my gods, I want to kill you so bad."


"We're late to work and it's all your fault!"

Dean ran around the apartment, grabbing his keys and running to his car with Percy on his heels, "Me?! You're the one who took so long to get ready!"

"I couldn't find my shoes!"

"You have three pairs of the same Converse, how could you not find any of them?!"

"They wander, okay?!"

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