Chapter 14: Details

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This chapter is dedicated to f_ck_you_too! I hope you enjoy this!

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So many things were running through Dean's head as he stood in front of his little brother and his father. When John first left him, the brunette was forced to live off of cheap fast food until he could find the nearest motel. When got to it, however, he found out that his father had taken all of the money with him except for twenty dollars and a stick of gum. In that moment, Dean popped the gum into his mouth, used fifteen dollars to fill up as much of his gas tank as possible, and used the remaining five dollars to buy an unhealthy amount of Cheeto Puffs.

And then Dean drove. He drove far enough from the place where his dad left him, taking random exits, highways, and back roads until he reached a small diner in Madison, Wisconsin where he met his best friend, who immediately insulted him as a greeting. So, maybe, in a way, Dean should thank his father for abandoning him because, if he hadn't, he would have never met his morally ambiguous friend Percy Jackson or had an awesome job at the diner where everyone was family and never abandoned each other.

John leaving him left a wound, yes, but Dean was done letting it bother him. So what if his father didn't want to be with him anymore? Boss was more of a father any day and he didn't even see him that often. Boss was more of a sentient voice than a person in the diner but a voice that cared. Was Dean's life sad? Maybe, but the last three months were the happiest he had ever been, aside from raising Sammy.

As Dean waited for his father and brother to say something, he contemplated if he would go back with them, back hunting. He found that he already knew his answer before he even finished asking himself. "Well? I don't have all day."

Sam took a half-step forward, like Dean's words finally spurred him into action, "I- We- We just wanted to talk."

"Yeah, I got that," Dean rolled his eyes, channeling his inner Percy. "Usually talking entails words, though, and if you don't have those then I'll be going now."

"Don't be rude," John barked from where he was standing a few feet behind Sam. "Show some respect."

Dean laughed, "For who? The man that left me without a word other than a note, or the brother that never contacted me once after he went off to college?" He grinned dangerously, spreading his arms out, "You know, I've learned a thing or two since I've been by myself." He knew he was in charge of the room and he wondered if this sense of glee was what Percy felt when he stood in front of everyone in the diner when he was left to his own devices. "Family doesn't abandon each other, or not contact them at all even after they kindly dropped you off at your college."

"I-" Sam sputtered for a moment, eyes big and sad. "I'm sorry, Dean. I didn't- I didn't want to be dragged back into... You know."

"Yet here you are!" Dean crossed his arms, "Why are you here, Sammy? Why did you two come after me?"

John decided to join the conversation, a frown on his face, "I had Sam help me find you."

The brunette shook his head, "But why? You're the one that left me, Dad. Why do you need me now?"

"Wait, wait," Sam held up his hands in a 'time-out' sign. "Dad left you? He said you ran away."

Dean's face darkened dangerously, enough that it caused his brother to back away in surprise. He shook from the sudden anger that coursed through him and he had to tuck his hands by his sides so that he didn't lash out suddenly, "I ran away?! I ran away?! Dad's the one that left me! He took my money, left me with a note that said we had to hunt on our own, and left me!"

Dean took a shaky breath, trying to control his anger into something manageable like May did when one of the waiters (Percy) pissed her off. When he opened his eyes, his body wasn't shaking anymore and his face was blank. "Whatever reason you have for finding me, I don't want to hear it. I've been doing fine on my own. I found my place here." His voice may have been calm but everyone in the room knew he was pissed to high Hell. "You should leave Madison," He advised. "I wouldn't stay here any longer if I were you."

With that, Dean stepped out of the motel, making sure to slam the door hard behind him. "Let's go," He said quickly, walking fast to his car. "I don't want them to follow us."

"How'd it go?" May asked, a grin on her face. "I mean, we heard everything but we couldn't see it. Give us details, Winchester."

"In the car," He acquiesced, fighting a grin because gods he loved his friends.

"I bet your dad was pissed," Annabeth laughed, quickly getting into the Impala. "I wanted to punch him when he said 'show some respect,'" Her imitation of the eldest Winchester's voice had them all laughing.

"Yeah," May grinned, her face a bit red from laughing. "Percy-" Her face fell when she turned to her best friend only to see that he wasn't there. "Oh, shit." She looked around quickly, eyes wide, "Oh, shit, where's Percy?!"

Dean's eyes widened and he looked around quickly, "You guys were supposed to watch him! How did you lose him?!"

"I don't know!" The two women scrambled out of the car, taking off back to the motel with Dean following. "Oh, gods, he's going to get himself killed!"

The three went up the stairs two at a time, eyes frantically searching for Percy Jackson. When they got to the Winchesters' room, they were met with a wide-eyed Sam, who was staring at the closed door like it would eat him if he went near it.

"What happened?" Dean demanded, eyes hard. "Where's Percy?"

"After you left, he came inside," Sam explained, pointing at the door, which was broken a bit in some places. "He didn't look really happy. He told me to stay outside and kicked me out. They've been arguing since you left."

It was then that they realized that Percy was, indeed, having a shouting match with John Winchester, who seemed to be on the defensive side in the face of a pissed off waiter.

"If you pull this shit one more time, John Winchester, I will rip you apart slowly until you're on your knees begging me for mercy!" Accompanying those words was the sound of something being thrown and shattered against the wall.

Dean and Sam stiffened when they heard the sound of the safety of a gun clicking off. "We have to get in there," Sam said frantically, eyes wide.

Annabeth and May grabbed the brothers' arms, holding them back. "I wouldn't go in," Annabeth shook her head. "It's too dangerous."

"We can't just let our dad shoot him!" Sam protested, looking ready to charge into the motel room.

"It's not Percy you should be worried for," May said. "It's John."


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