Chapter 12: Cousin

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"I am fully convinced you never graduated kindergarten."

Percy looked up from the cake batter he was trying to make and pointed at Dean with a spatula, "I am trying to be a nice person and make a cake for Christmas or whatever. Why're you insulting me?"

Dean raised an eyebrow at his best friend, "There's batter on the ceiling. Look, do you want some help?"

"...Yes, please. I'm better at making cookies than cakes," The black-haired man smiled sheepishly.

"How 'bout I make the cake and you make some cookies then? Before you do that, though, clean the damn kitchen."

Percy stuck his tongue at the man and grabbed a wet rag, grumbling as he wiped the counter. He looked at the Winchester from the corner of his eyes, "So, why were you late yesterday? I doubt you slept in, you couldn't have with the Christmas music our neighbors have been blasting since six. Did you try to find your brother?"

"Yeah," Dean nodded, looking down at the dubious-looking batter his best friend put together. "Well, kind of at least. I was looking up where they might be staying. Why the hell are there so many motels here?"

"Bruh, this is Wisconsin," Percy pointed out, grabbing some ingredients so he could start the cookies. "We have, like, all kinds of stuff. In surplus."

The Winchester nodded, "I noticed that. When I was driving through, I saw so much fast food restaurants 'round here. It's crazy."

"It's America. Stop staring at that and throw it away, even I know that's most likely poisonous." The black-haired man threw a balled-up napkin at the other's head before finally working on the cookie dough. "If you want, we can drive around the area, check out some of the motels. We're taking my car, though. Baby is too noticeable, your dad will see us coming from a mile away."

Dean grinned, "You're the best. Pass me the eggs, will ya? We gotta hurry if we don't want May to come kill us."

Percy nodded solemnly, handing over the carton, "She'll take Christmas away from us."


The diner was packed with families, all of them laughing together and having a nice time. Since it was a well-known local establishment, some of the customers gave the waiters and cooks little gifts for the holiday season. Kids crowded around their favorite waiters, most of them clutching drawings made for them or shyly telling them 'Merry Christmas' as they hugged them and kissed their cheek.

"This is awesome," Dean smiled at a little girl as she handed him a drawing of him and her holding hands next to a big Christmas tree, her parents, and Santa Claus. In return, he gave her a little goodie bag with a stuffed toy. All of the waiters brought toys that they didn't need anymore to the diner so that they could give it to the children that came to eat at the diner. 

When the diner was finally closed and the last customers left, everyone worked on cleaning up the area. Boss even came out of his Bat Cave, even if it was to give out orders and not help them at all. He made sure to keep the gifts from the children safe, placing them in the break room so they weren't lost or damaged.

"Ugh, we're finally done," Percy groaned as he placed a rolling chair by one of the largest tables they had as the others started coming out with the food they prepared for everyone. He took it from the Boss' office. The black-haired man slumped in the seat and grabbed the back of Dean's shirt so that the Winchester could pull him towards where their cake and cookies were.

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