Chapter 13: Murder

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"Don't you fucking move," Percy said as he aimed his gun and Dean couldn't help but think about how stupid his best friend looked as he rolled around the laser tag arena.

"This is the third round we've played," Dean commented as he shot his best friend in his chest armor from across the area, smirking when he heard the man's outraged cry. "Are you stalling?"

The green-eyed man was quiet where he was ducked behind a small wall. "Maybe."

"Why? What are you waiting for?" Dean frowned when his chest lit up and he glanced up to see Percy grinning at him through the mirror. Impressive.

"Annabeth and May are on their way," The black-haired man stood up when the round ended. He slipped off his chest armor as they walked out and pouted when he realized he had lost again for the third time. At least he got the last shot. "Then we're going to head to the motel where your brother is at."

The Winchester blinked. "I don't even want to know how you found them. Why're the cousins coming?"

"I need backup in case Papa Pooh feels the need to throttle me or something," Percy said calmly as he hummed, looking around the arcade they were at. "I've been told that I lack 'people skills', whatever that is."

"Please don't call my dad Papa Pooh. It's really disturbing," Dean grimaced. "When'll the girls get here?"

The green-eyed man hummed, "Well, they're walking, so they should be in, like, a minute. We're taking Baby to the motel." Percy looked up and grinned when he saw the two girls. He opened his mouth to say something to Dean when he saw May frantically gesturing for him to turn around.

Percy turned around slowly and blinked at a large cyclops that was approaching the two. Too bad it wasn't Tyson. "Uh, oh, shit." He quickly grabbed Dean's arm and tugged him quickly to the door, "We gotta go. Now! May and Beth are here."

"What's wrong?" Dean asked, quickening his steps to match his best friend's so he didn't end up stumbling. "What's the hurry?"

"Ex-boyfriend," Percy blurted, his eyes wide as he tried to navigate through the crowd of people in the arcade.

The Winchester looked at him with wide eyes, "Wait, you're gay? Or are you bi? I don't have a problem with it, I'm just curious."

Jackson huffed, amused despite the situation. "I'm pan, actually. Hurry up!" He ran through the door, the two quickly followed by Annabeth and May. When he heard his female coworker say something about leaving her wallet behind, he knew that she was going to take care of the cyclops.

"Are we done now?" Dean asked as they stopped in front of the impala. He was sweating a bit with all the running and zigzagging his friend made them do.

Annabeth smiled at the hunter, "Yes, we're done. We just have to wait for May. She left her wallet behind."

Dean nodded, "Okay." He turned to his best friend, "When we go see Sam and my dad, please don't kill any of them."

"Pssh, now why would I do that?" Percy swung his hands by his side, trying and failing to look innocent.

The Winchester raised an eyebrow at him, "I know for a fact that you don't like my dad. You seem to like Sam but I don't really trust you not to kill him when you're bored."

"I'll have you know," Percy started, holding up a finger. "That I have never killed anyone."

Dean tilted his head when Annabeth snorted at the other's statement. "I don't believe you."

Percy blinked at him before humming, "That's fair."

"Are we talking about murder?" May asked when she finally found them, holding up her small brown wallet.

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