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I keep forgetting to put this in, but better late than never!

*the contact names may change within the book from time to time, and I'll try my best to clarify who that is, if ever i change someone's contact name.

Taeyong: taeyongtalented

Taeil: brightmoon

Johnny: annoying bro

Yuta: yuta-kun

Kun: kingKUNg

Doyoung: do the bunbun

Ten: 5 + 5

Jaehyun: jinjjajaehyun

Winwin: strawberrywin

Jungwoo: junguwu

Lucas: lucas bieber

Mark: my dream boy

Xiao Jun: eYebrOWS

Hendery: ryry

Renjun: rosyrenjun

Jeno: jollyjeno

Haechen: heartyhaechan

Jaemin: nana

Yangyang: uwu child

Chenle: cutiechenle

Jisung: mybabyboy

A/N: If you guys want me to change the contact name for one of the members, leave an in-line comment for that member and I'll change it for one chapter or for the entire book.

I'm also sorry if you thought this was an update! 🤪

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