Sometimes it Pours Series Authors Notes

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I plan on doing a series of interlocking stories which will eventually be my first small book. The writing is coming along great. However, the typing is suffering slightly; do to my hatred of it lol. The books title will be Sometimes it Pours but each section will have a sub title as well. Such as Annabelle's Story or Catherine's Heart. Keep in mind this is my first attempt at sharing my writing and the sub titles may change some. I am glad to share my storys with everyone and will read any comments, good or bad. I also would like to comment on the pg-13 rating. I gave it this not because it is overly sexual but rather so the reader knows ahead that it deals with some mature matters. I started reading romance novels at about age 12, most were fine but some were a bit to descriptive. So I wanted to give the younger readers a heads up. Thank you :)

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