Sometimes it Pours Annabelle's story ch-9

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Sometimes it Pours Annabelle's Story chapter 9

The next day brought many new faces to me. An elderly woman, Mrs. Grayson came with a tray of tea. She was not very tall and very plump looking. Her smile was sweet and she seemed motherly. Sitting up in the bed I survey the room for Marcus but he was not there.

"Has Mr. O'Connor gone?"

"Miss Sinclair, I finally convinced him to retire. He was exhausted he had not slept in three days." She shook her head slightly as she placed the tray across my lap. "You gave us all quite a fright darling." Then she paused as she slowly looked at me. "But you are improving now. Try and eat something the doctor will be by soon. So if you feel up to it I will help you bath and dress."

I tried to eat some of the food before she returned but my stomach still stirred with nausea. True to her word Mrs. Grayson returned with two young boys carrying a copper tub. They proceeded to bring in pails of hot water to fill it. She helped me to undress and sink into the large tub. The water soothed my aching muscles and helped me to relax some. She produced some sweet smelling honey soap. As she gently washed my hair I became startled. The water and soap bubbles turned a reddish brown color.

"Do not fret child. It is only the dried blood from the cut in your head." She explained as if everyone had gashes in their skulls.

The bed was changed by a young girl who smiled a lot. Mrs. Grayson presented me with another sleeping dress. Dainty stitches covered the neckline of the cream colored cloth. It was soft and felt expensive. Was it Marcus's lovers? Jealousy crept into my mind as I thought of him undressing that woman. It seemed to be far to plain and modest for the woman that he was with at the theater. She had been flashy and almost exotic. I settled into the fluffy bed resolving to forget her when a faint knock came to the door.

An old man entered with a doctor's bag in hand and Marcus following on his heels. Marcus had shaved and changed clothes but still looked tired. The old doctor's voice drawled my attention.

"Well I see you are awake! That is a start."

After a short examination of my head he looked at the other scrapes and cuts on my body. Marcus paced the room waiting for him to speak.

"You have improved greatly!"

"Can I go home today?"

Looking over his glasses he spoke. "I am afraid you need at least five days in bed. You are most defiantly not ready to ride in a carriage back to the country. Not this soon." He shook his grey topped head. "The cut may reopen causing you to bleed more. You have lost too much blood as is. You need plenty of rest. Eat lots of red meat and drink some red wine to build your blood back. You had some tumble.'

I flushed in embarrassment; everyone seemed to know what had happened. Fighting the need to cry fresh tears I nodded to the doctor. He then moved to speak with Mrs. Grayson; they spoke in hushed tones glancing my way ever so often. Marcus stopped his pacing to join the pair moments later. I bit down on my lip nervously as I tried to sort out the past few days.

What had I done to provoke such an attack? Steven had appeared to be a gentleman. He was my brother's friend as well. Not to mention Sara's brother. Was she angry with me?  What did Father think of me now? I lost the battle with my tears. Turning away from my audience I allowed them to flow freely now. The door shut softly and my sobbing grew louder now that I presumed myself alone. I felt the same as I did when Mother passed a few years before; Alone, empty, scared, and as if a piece of my heart had died.

"Do not cry Annabelle." Marcus sat down next to my crumpled body. It startled me, embarrassment quickly flooded my body. I must seem so weak to this man, like a child. He began to rub small circles around my back with one hand as the other held my hand softly.

"I know you want to go home but it is not possible right now. The rains have washed away several crossings. It is much too dangerous." Worry was present in his voice. "I promise to make sure you are taken care of..." his voice was soft and caressing.

Trying to steady my voice I attempted to explain my situation. "It is not that...I know I am unable to travel..." My voice trailed off as I tried to find the right words. "..Everyone will..." A soft sob escaped. "...they will hate me." My voice was faint and my body was breathless now. It had become physically painful to speak. I could not bring myself to look at him now. "They will think he finished what he tried to me..."

"Annabelle, no one blames you for what that bastards actions!" The anger in his voice was still controlled but just barely.

"I could have prevented it....stopped him...I should have known better!" Burying my head in the pillows I let out a sob.

He cursed under his breathe. "You must rest, I'll send for Mrs. Grayson now." The weight of his body lifted from the bed followed shortly by the door closing swiftly. He was angry and I did not blame him.

Mrs. Grayson returned with another tray; this one held fruit slices and a large steak. She cut the meat into bit sized portions. The aging woman pulled a small glass bottle from her pocket placing a few drops of its liquid into a glass. As she poured red wine on top of it she explained her actions.

"The doctor has given you some pain relievers and it will help you relax as well." She swirled the liquids together before handing them to me. I sipped the wine slowly allowing the sweet liquid to slide down my throat. An attempt was made to eat but my stomach began to churn again. So I mostly just moved the food about the plate. Having finished the wine I felt drowsy.

I must have fallen asleep because the dream returned. His breathe was close to my face but I could not see him. Hands seemed to pull and push me in all directions. My heart was racing as fear racked my body again. The screams would not come they hung in my throat. Something grasps my legs holding them tightly down. The hot sticky blood runs down my back as my head crashes against something. I was going to die. Finally I found my voice; a blood curdling scream leaves my lips.

"Annabelle, I'm here!" Marcus' voice pierced my confused mind as my eyes open wide. My breathing came in short spurts. Every inch of my body was covered in a sticky sweat making my gown cling to my body. It seemed to choke me. Tears fell down my face as I felt my aching head. That sticky blood covered my fingers now causing a new wave of panic.

"Annabelle! Listen to me!" He demanded my attention. "You are safe, it was only a dream."

My eyes had been darting around this strange bedroom; they locked with his deep blue ones. It all came back to me, I was safe. This was Marcus. My breathing slowed and I sobbed. Would this fear ever leave me? This man had saved me. Marcus had saved me and I was safe with him. Reaching out to him I clung to his body. His arms wrapping around me holding me close.

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