Sometimes it pours Ch-10

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Sometimes it Pours Chapter 10

He had held me until I drifted back to sleep for I woke several hours later. The room was lit with several candles left burning but they had grown short. Even though I had slept for so long my body still felt exhausted. The covers around me had been tucked in tightly as if to hold me in sleep.

Scanning the room I noticed a tray of uneaten food resting on the bed side table. Raising my self up I poured some water from the pitcher perched next to it. Sipping slowly allowing the water to moisten my parched throat I felt confused. With the low light and the drapes drawn shut I could not tell if it was day or night now.

A slight chill remained I the air as I noticed the fire had died down to smoldering embers now. In the small glow shining out from them I saw him. Slumped to the side with his legs crossed loosely with a book resting atop them. He looked peaceful with his dark hair had been loosened and fell across his face slightly.

I slipped from the large bed quietly now moving closer. How long had he been sitting there distressing over me? Nearing him caused the emotions to poor forth again; he had showed me such care. Some how needing to return the jester, I grabbed the throw that rested across the matching chair. Creeping even nearer I spread the fabric across his body. Marcus' shirt lay open slightly at the collar revealing his dark chest hair just barely. With my pulse speeding up slightly I had the most unnatural urge to me that very second; I needed to feel his flesh under my hand. Assuring my self it was just to make sure he was real and not some figment of my battered body.

I reached out my hand now towards the cut on his cheek as I tried to steady my breathing again. His square jaw line was slightly stubbly now under my finger tips. The instant my fingers touched him I knew I had made a mistake. Those blue pools shot open and starred back at me as I tried to retrieve my hand. His hand quickly but gently grasped my wrist preventing any movement.

His voice was sluggish from sleep as he spoke. "What's wrong Annabelle, Another nightmare?"

His hand was so warm and felt so pleasant against my skin. I searched his eyes not understanding the feelings that his touch and voice caused to bubble to life inside me. How could one man be so much of a villain and evil when another was so kind and pure?

Now I needed him to hold me tight as he had earlier. To take his lips and comfort me and ensure me that he was real. As if reading my impure thoughts of lust he shifted and held my shoulders between his hands; rising to his feet allowing the book to fall to the floor with a small thud next to my bare toes. He held my gaze with those eyes that seemed to search mine for the truth. They seemed to change in front of me now, the blue darkening. My mouth went dry suddenly. Moistening my lips nervously with the tip of my tongue I drawled my hands up to cover his chest. We closed the small distance between us. His eyes speaking the words neither of us dared to utter.

In an instant we were one as his lips moved over mine. Softly they probed my own causing a small moan to escape. Our bodies melted against each other as we deepened the embrace. All worries and pain seemed to leave my troubled mind for this is what I had longed for so long. I reached higher on my toes trying to get even closer. Those strong hands massaged the nap of my neck, and the small of my back in smooth stokes causing tremors to run up my spine. Marcus tasted sweet and salty at the same time like some exotic fruit. My fingers found his dark hair and tugged him against my body more. I felt the last walls of sanity slipping away as we shared this moment; I wanted all of him.

Just as quickly as it had began it ended. Shock, disappointment, and sorrow all took a turn at me now as my body grew chilled from the air between us now. He had stepped back gasping for air now. My eyes popped open revealing Marcus standing in only a foot or so in front of me. It might as well have been a mile because the rejection was the same. He was pained though and his eyes showed it.

The breathe he used was ragged and felted tortured as he spoke. "I promised I would never hurt you Annabelle..."

I told him the only truth I knew. My voice was small and shook slightly as the words slipped passed my lips. "I need to be with you Marcus." As pitiful as it may seem I clung to him in a desperate attempt to keep him from abandoning me again.

"You are not thinking straight." He spoke into my hair as he embraced me. "I stopped one man from hurting you and I won't be the one who does..."

His rejection stung but he still held me close. I took what I could get at this moment because it pained me to even think about being apart from him. The tears that threatened to form in my eyes were tightly held back now. Being in his arms felt so right and I did not want him to think of me as a weak child anymore. Listening to his heart underneath my head was so enchanting and peaceful to my addled mind.

We stood there like that for a long time before I broke the silence in the most un-lady like manner. We both laughed a little as my stomach called out for attention. Marcus spoke and acknowledged my hunger. "Why don't we have a very early morning meal?"

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