Sometimes it Pours Annabelle's story ch-7

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Sometimes it Pours Annabelle's Story Ch-7

The color drained from my body as his hands pawed at my breast. Tear flowed freely down my face now as I cried. Nausea boiled in my stomach threatening to spill forth as his lips crushed mine again. I tried turning my head to avoid the contact but could not. Time seemed to grind to a halt. His tongue invaded my mouth deeply. What was happening to me? Why? I prayed to God to please stop this man. I could taste him now, a foul mixture of whiskey and cigars. I had to stop him somehow. Pushing his body had no effect. He was so much stronger than me. As his tongue tried to enter my mouth again I bit down. I tasted his blood as he wrenched his head back.

"So my angel likes it rough!" He spit blood from his mouth. "I'll show you rough you whore!"

His hand moved to my hair grabbing it and pulling me over. I attempted to scream but he covered my mouth with his free hand as he drug me along. His curses were drowned out by my own heart beat. Stumbling as he shoved me along almost falling before he tugged me upright again. Was he going to kill me? What was happening? Turning in the darkened street we left the sidewalk and started down an alley way. No lights were lit within sight here. I struggled to make out my surroundings through my tears. We descended a set of stairs, him pulling me down below the streets. The air was foul and water dripped down the walls. I fought to keep from throwing up.

"I will take what was offered to me now angel." Steven's voice was low and controlled. Not the voice of a drunken man but one of a crazed person.

His hands shoved me backwards onto the damp stone steps we had just walked on. I landed hard whipping my head back into the stones. The pain was immediate almost blinding me. I kicked wildly into the air trying to hit him as I attempted to climb up the stairs backwards. The pain stung in my cheek as his hand connected sending my head into the wall. Now I was disoriented from the pain and dizziness. I tried to scream again but no sound would come from my mouth. My breath was caught in my lungs burning them. I struggled to suck in any air. Sticky blood oozed onto my neck. The night air sent fresh shivers of fear through my body as I felt my skirts being lifted high. Steven's hands touching the skin of my thighs roughly before ripping at my underwear.

 "...please don't do this! I will not tell....I won't..." I begged with what energy I had left. I was going to die here tonight. My world was growing blacker by the minute. Blacker than anything I had ever seen. I could not force my eyes to stay open. My arms were limp and useless. His own labored breathing and grunts invading my ears as he tried to violate my body. Spreading my legs apart as he spoke, "you're going to like this angel..."

Someone came running down the stone steps. I felt the movement more than I heard it. Then Steven was ripped free of my body.

"You bastard..." was the last sounds I heard as my world went completely silent.

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