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They started their journey to Vastra Haveli. Avu didn't punish Sid in any way because her main focus was winning the competition. However she took a mental note to punish him later.

Jannat's: I think..I think we should go back!

Jai: Mujhe bhi yahi lag raha hai!

Faisal: Guys.. please stop! We have to be brave

Siddharth: He's right. Aur tum logo ko Bhagwan pe vishwas hai ya nahi?

Jai: We have full trust on God!

They reached there and saw the Haveli.

It was a typical bhoot bungalow which is shown in movies. They opened the gate and found a paper attached to it.

Vaishu: Isme ek aur riddle hai!

Avneet: Jaldi padhiye Di

Vaishu: Pure sign of love and trust
                Eyes in search ponder
                Over the dust
                Left and right it touches time
                Not too old but faded shine
                Be quick to say it's mine!

Abhi: This is complicated!

Everyone kept on thinking and thinking but came to no conclusion.

Avneet: Guys!! Yaha baithe baithe kuch nahi milne vala

Reem: Avu tu Sahi keh rahi hai. Hume kam se kam andar toh chalo

They all went inside the bungalow but as soon as they entered the front door closed with a bang!

Jai: Yeh kai.. kaise hua 😲😲

Jannat: Maine bola tha vapas chalte hai lekin meri toh kisi ko sunani hi nahi!

Abhi: Just relax!! Ab andar aa hi gaye hai toh apna kaam kar lete hai

They walked around the house with all the weird activities going on.

Faisal: Guys ye payal ki aawaj kaha se aa rahi hai??

Reem: Ab toh mujhe bhi thoda thoda dar lag raha hai 😶😶

Suddenly a glass was thrown out of nowhere and was about to fall on Avu but Sid pulled her towards him and it landed next to them.

Vaishu: Tum dono thik hona?

Avu: Ha Di. Thank you so much Sid! Agar tum nahi hote toh aaj toh main mar-

Siddharth: Chup! Pagal! Aisi baat ki toh phir se thappad khayegi! Aur thanks bolne ki koi zaroorat nahi hai you know na I love - sorry I didn't mean to

Avneet: No! Don't stop! I know you love me and you know what?

Siddharth: Umm..What?

Avneet: I love you too! I love you! I love youuu! 😘😘😘😘

Siddharth froze on the spot. He didn't know how to react. All others were clapping, hooting and cheering.

Avneet: Sid! Siddharth! Kuch bolo na!

He still didn't react. So she stood up on her tippy toes and pecked his lips. She was about to leave when Sid grabbed him by her waist and crashed his lips on hers and kissed her. She was taken aback but soon responded well. Their lips were moving in perfectly. But they soon interrupted. Everyone were coughing like maniacs indicating their presence.

Reem: Sorry to interrupt but we think it won't be a good idea to make out in front of everyone!😉

Sid: We..we weren't making out!

Avneet was still blushing

Vaishu: If we wouldn't have stopped you, it would have surely turned into a make out session 😋😋

Avu: Kya..kya Bhabhi aap bhi na 😚😚

Everyone started congratulating the new couple and teasing them and pulling their legs.

Jannat: Ek minute vo glass kaha se aaya?

Avneet: Ha uske baare mein toh hum bhool hi gaye

Abhi: Yaha surely koi hai!

Sid: Lekin koi humpar aise attack kyu karega?

Suddenly Bhavu signalled everyone to form a circle.

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