Fight for love!

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Previously the man removed his gun and aimed at Siddharth but Avu pushed Sid away and came in between and so the bullet hit her.

Sid: Avvuuu!!

Everyone rushed towards her. Vaishnavi placed her head on her lap and started sobbing.

Sid's blood boiled after seeing this. Without thinking twice he went towards that man and snatched the gun out of his hands and threw it towards Abhi, who caught it carefully.

He then started punching and kicking him wildly. The other goons ran upto them and pulled Siddharth away. But Abhi, Faisu, Bhavesh and Jai were swift too.

They were continuously kicking and punching each other. Although the goons out numbered our heroes, they still were giving them a fight of their life. Vaishnavi and the other girls were with Avu constantly checking up on her.

Avu was losing blood by every passing minute. The girls couldn't control themselves anymore, so they decided to step up on the battlefield.

They joined the boys and started beating the goons with whatever they could find. Vaishnavi removed her pencil heels and stabbed them in one of the man' know where the sun does not shine... Reem used her dupatta (I hope you guys know what that means) to suffocate one of them by tying it tightly around his neck which left him breathless and panting for air. Jannat was with Avneet protecting her from any further harm. But she quickly threw some sand in the eyes of a goon who was trying to come near them. When the man lost his balance and fell down she sensed that it was the perfect chance for her. She punched and kicked him until she was sure he would not be able to get up for at least half an hour.

Abhi's POV

We have been fighting against the goons from the past 10 minutes but I don't think it's a good idea. It's not like we can't defeat them but the problem is that Avu is badly injured and loosing blood by every passing minute. I need to do something as soon as possible and try to get out of here.

I don't know how my poor brother has been holding this much. Like seriously he proposed her just an hour back. He confessed all his love for her in front of everyone and now this.

Just then an idea struck him.

Abhi's POV continued

Shitt! I totally forgot about the gun that I snatched from the hands of one of the goons!! I still have it in my pocket... I think it's time to use it.

I slowly and carefully slid away and made my way towards the guy who according to me is their leader. I walked and stood behind him and in an instance kept the gun on his forehead.

End of POV

As soon as Abhi kept the gun on his forehead the guy became alert and tried to kick Abhi but Bhavesh who was very close to them understood the action and grabbed the guy before he could do any harm to Abhi.

Abhi took the guy to a corner without moving the gun.

Abhi: Listen, listen! If even any one of you move then this leader of yours will have to die! Leave your places once and your leader will leave this world!

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