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All get ready and goes to the main hall where Mr. Snape is going to give the instructions.

Prof. Snape: So students this is the second competition. Total 4 teams are part of it. Team Crazy Bffs ,Team Royal Flyers , Team Blue Whale ,Team Silver Moon.

Reem whispers: Vo Team Royal Flyers bhi hai!

Jai: Matlab pakka cheating hogi!

Prof. Snape: So basically the task is you'll have to go to the Bhangad fort and find a specific thing. Each team has to find a different thing. As you reach the fort you'll be given a riddle and by solving that you will get to know what it is and where you will find it. Now it is 4:59 so your task starts in 1 minute.

The competition started and everyone reached the entrance of Bhangad fort.

Janu: Don't you think ye task subah ke waqt rakhna chahiye tha

Vaishu: Haa raat ko ye task...

Jai: Vo bhi Bhangad fort mein....

Sid: Guys relax kuch nahi hoga.

They entered the fort and were given a riddle.

Faisu: Abhi Bhai jaldi kholo ye aur padho kya hai!

Abhi: Haa

As he was going to read the riddle it started raining heavily.

Reem: Oh shit! Baarish

Bhavu: Hume kahi shelter lena padega.

Avu: Lekin 7 baj rahe hai kaha shelter milega??

Sid: Pehle yaha se toh bhagte hai!

They started running and after a long time they found a house.

Vaishu: Aisi jagah pe koi ghar banata hai kya?

Abhi: Chalo jo bhi ho ek ghar toh dikha! Ab jaake kuch der ke liye rehne ke liye help maangte hai

All went towards the house

They knocked on the door and a young girl  came out.

Avneet: Hi! Actually hum college students hai aur hum yaha trip pe aaye hai but suddenly baarish hone lagi isliye hum ek ghar dhoondh rahe hai thodi der rukne ke liye. Kya aap pls kuch der hume apne ghar me shelter de sakti hai?

That girl looked at all of them and as soon as her eyes fell on Sid, she started checking him out.

Reem and Janu saw this

Janu: Pls aap hume apne ghar mein rukne dengi?

Girl: Umm... No! Lekin agar tum chaho toh ruk sakte ho! pointing towards Sid

Sid: Nahi... Main akela ruk ke kya karunga 😅

Girl: Seducingly Tum sake toh dekho hum bohot kuch kar sakte hai!

Avneet was now hell angry

Avneet: No madam! Actually vo mere pati hai!

Everyone was hell shocked now

Sid in mind: Humne Shaadi kab ki?😲

The girl became angry and she closed the door on their face.

Vaishu: Shit! Plan flop ho gaya

Faisu: Ab kya karenge?

Janureem: Idea!

Bhavu: Kya idea?

Reem: Arey simple sa plan hai!

Abhi: But plan hai kya?

Janu: Vo aapko pata chal jayega! Avu tu chal humare saath!

Sid: Arey kaha leke jaa rahe ho Avu  ko ?

Reem: Calm down Sid! Bhaag ke uski shaadi nahi karva rahe hum

They both took Avu to a corner and told something in her ears

What do you think the plan is?

After few minutes they came back and again everyone was shocked

Jai: Avu ye tune vermilion kyu lagaya hai??

Sid: Hey Bhagwan!!!! Meri toh kuch samajh hi nahi aa raha pehle shaadi ab ye sindhoor!

Avu: Sshh! Just wait and watch!😎

Suddenly she started screaming in pain

Avu: Ouch ouch!!!

Immediately Sid ran towards her and started patting her back.

The door opened again and this time ean old lady came out.

Lady: What is happening here ! Oh my God! What happened to this girl?

Janu and Reem played along

Janu: Vo aunty actually she is pregnant

Reem: Yes aunty! And suddenly she started having pain. We asked the girl to allow us to stay us for a few hours but she denied

Sid was still holding Avu and was trying to register everything.

Lady: Oh God! This stupid servant!! Now please don't delay and take her inside the house.

She moved inside and allowed everyone to come inside

Sid was still not moving as he did not understand the plan but the others did.

Avu: Chalo apni pregnant wife ko andar nahi leke chaloge 😉😉

As she winked he understood that it was a plan and so he lifted her up by her waist and carried her inside  the room.

Thats all for now

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