Vastra Haveli!

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So first of all introducing myself

I know I am not that beautiful 😅!

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I know I am not that beautiful 😅!

Coming back to the story

Suddenly Bhavesh signalled everyone to come near him and form a circle

Let's spy and hear them

Faisal: Yaar kya hua tujhe?

Reem: Ha! Achanak se aise kyu?

Bhavu: Suno! Do as I say!

All: Okay!

Bhavu: First act like nothing happened and talk in code language!

They broke the circle.And started acting

Avneet: Haww!! Aisa kyu hua uske saath??

(She is asking why he asked them to talk in code language)

Bhavu: Bechari koi nahi tha usse 'dekhne' ke liye (eyeing towards stairs)

(He is saying that someone is watching them from the stairs)

Jannat: Tch Tch! To usne kya kiya?

(She is saying what should they do)

Siddharth: Kya usne direct usse confront kiya ?

(He is saying that should they confront and directly catch him)

Vaishu: Nahi! Uski uss halat ke piche ek se zyada log the!

(She is saying that there may be more than one person there)

Abhi: Mere hisaab se usse bohot soch samajh ke kadam uthana chahiye tha!

(He is saying that they should think seriously and then take an action)

Jannat: Arey hum yaha kis kaam se aaye the pehle vo kar lete hai!

Reem: Haa Jaanu sahi keh rahi hai! Chalo iss Haveli par thodi nazar ghuma lete hai.

They started walking towards the stairs but when they reached at the top they didn't find anyone.

Jai:Ayy! Kahi sachme bhoot pret ka chakkar toh nahi hai?

Faisal: Haa! Vo log toh abhi yahi the, achanak se kaha chale gaye?

Siddharth: Ek baat toh pakki hai ki yeh humara veham nahi tha!

Avneet: Mujhe lagta hai ki abhi ke liye hume competition pe dhyan dena chahiye.

Abhi: Haa Avu sahi keh rahi hai!

They started searching the rooms in pairs.

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