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The second task is completed by Team royal flyers but our team has not completed yet

Raj: Arey yaar kuch socho jaldi!

Sid: Haa vo.... Nahi vo Nahi

Faisal: Hmmm.

Sid: Haaa....Nahi ye bhi nahi ho sakta

Anu: Sidd!! Kya chalu hai 😦

Suddenly Rosho screams

Rosho: Eeeeee!!

Rimi: Kya eee!

Rosho: I mean the answer is letter E.

Sid: Wow! Maine toh socha hi nahi aisa

Raj: Chalo phir ab chalte hai

Just then Mr. Snape came there

Snape: Sorry Kids but you can't go walking,you'll have to crawl on the mud path.

Anu: Ewwe!

Sid: Girls no tantrums for now, come on now!

Rimi: Ha ha apni wali nahi hai na isliye bol raha hai!

They started crawling in the mud and their clothes got all dirty but they still continued.

Meanwhile towards the other team.

Riyaz: Come on guys and gals!

Arishfa: Arey vo sab toh thik hai, lekin ye sadu sa gaana kaun bajaa raha hai background mein?

Rits: Haa ye kya hai 'Koi patthar se naa maare mere deewane ko'

Manjull: Just ignore it!

Now due to the quick speed of  team Crazy Bffs, both teams were at the same task.

***Third task***

After finishing with the crawling both the teams reached the third task. The third task was to climb a wall which  was quite heighted. There was a rope kept there. It was knotted for better grip.

Both the teams started their tasks.

Team Royal Flyers

Mrunal: This is a bit tough!

Manjul: Hmmm

Ritika: Wait let's ask for some help from Nagma and Awez!

Arishfa: Nagma di...

Nagma: Haa Ari kya hua?

Arishfa: Di, koi idea do na

Awez: Suno... Humare opposite team ki strategy copy karo

Nagma: Vo log ek ek karke climb Kar rahe hai istarah vo log acche se co ordinate Kar pa rahe hai

Riyaz: Okay then let's do that

This way they copied the other teams strategy.

Meanwhile in Crazy Bffs

Raj: See guys ye task ek saath nahi kar sakte

Faisal: Haa, hume ek ek karke climb karna padega

Anu: Haa vaise bhi ye wall thodi slanting hai

Sid: Yes! Pehle Rimi tu ja

Rimi: Hmm

She started climbing the wall with the help of the rope but it was quite difficult

Rimi: Hey bhagwan! Mujhse nahi hoga ye

She started panicking and her grip on the rope started loosening

Raj: Rimi Rimi! Calm down just calm down

Sid: Arey gadhe! Vo calm nahi ho rahi hai

Raj: Wait!

With this he took hold of the rope and started climbing. Soon he reached the spot where Rimi was hanging and grabbed her by her waist. She too composed herself and they both climbed the rope and reached the top of the wall. Then they got on the other side with the help of the ladder. Now Anu, Faisal , Rosho and Sid were left.

Sid: Anu see now I can't take any risk so you and I will go together and after that Rosho and Faisu can come

Anu: Aye Aye captain!

Sid and Anu completed the task safely and swiftly. But Sid didn't climb down on the other side,he sent Anu down and remained standing there.

Sid: Jaldi Rosho, Faisu!Chal Faisu pehle tu aa ja

Rosho: Haa Fais tu pehle jaa

Faisu: Haa!

Faisu grabbed the rope and climbed and Rosho followed him but suddenly her leg slipped and she fell down

Rosho: Ouchh!!😭

Sid: Shit !! Fais tu jaldi niche jaa vapas

Rosho: Nahi! Pls Faisu tu climb karte rehna. I don't think main continue Kar paungi

Snape: Guys, I too don't think she will be able to continue and as this is an injury case you will get a replacement. So quickly choose any one from the rest of your team.

Sid: Aashu tu aaja

Aashu and the others were standing in the stands.

Aashu: Main!

Sid: Haa tu! Kyu tujhe koi problem hai?

Aashu: Nahi mujhe koi problem Nahi hai par teri wali pehle hi nikal chuki hai

Sid: Kya?

Before he could react he saw Avu already lacing her shoes and heading towards the competition setup

He shouted from the top of the wall

Sid: Avu you don't need to come here

Avu: Why? Do you think I am that feeble?

She was no doubt angry on him

Sid: No Avu I didn't mean that

Avu: I don't want to know what you mean I am coming

And she started climbing the wall. There was no one to help her as Faisu had already reached up.She was climbing very quickly and Sid's heart was racing fast.

Sid: Jhansi ki Rani zara dhire!

Avu: You don't worry I am a champion in these kind of stuff. I have a lot of experience

She was talking while climbing and suddenly her leg slipped and.....

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