The Mentors

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The principal continues his speech..

Pls don't skip this part.

Principal: This year we have decided something different. Every year each team had a teacher as their guide and mentor but for a change this year we have appointed students of the 3rd year as their mentor. Each team will have one boy and one girl from the 3rd year as their mentor. Now each and every new student will be given an information sheet and then you will go to the class you are alloted. There you will meet your teammates. Now you all may proceed.

Roshni is walking towards her alloted class when she bumps into a boy.

Roshni: Abbey Teri.....

Person : Areey gundi tu idhar..

Roshni: Tumhari himmat kai...

Roshni recognizes him and hugs him

Faisal: Bas kar yaar ghutan ho rahi hai..(teasingly)

Roshni : (tightens the grip) Ab dost gale bhi na lagaye.

Faisal: Just kidding.

Roshni: Vaise vo kaha hai😉😉

Faisal : Yaar I don't know but mujhe aisi feeling aa rahi hai ki vo yahi kahi hai aur meri ye feeling kabhi galat nahi hoti.

Roshni: Par vo yaha kaise hogi matlab agar vo yaha admission leti toh tumhe to zaroor batati.

Faisal: Vo bhi hai but ab main chalta hoon.

And he runs away.

Roshni: But tell me in which team you are in ..

But he is already gone.

Abhishek and Vaishnavi are walking towards a class talking.

Abhishek: I don't know why we have to do all this in the first place.

Vaishnavi: Just calm down  and I have full hopes that we will be successful.

Ashnoor and Anushka have arrived in the hall (the hall was alloted to them)

They are alone in the hall..

Anushka: Hey maa mataji!!

Ashnoor: Kya hua??😲😲

Anushka: Ye toh bohot bada anyaya hai..humare team mein sirf hum do log hai😲😲 See listen..

Ashnoor: See or listen?😂😂

Anushka: Listen! I took admission in this university just because of you as you were my only friend in college. But here I get a surprise that there are only two people in our team that is you and me and overall w-

Ashnoor: Stop stop stop!! Just check your watch, we have arrived 5 minutes earlier than the given time.

Anushka: Oh sorry 😅😅

Ashnoor: It's oka....Vaishu Di aap

She sees Vaishnavi and Abhi who were coming towards them and hugs Vaishu.

Vaishnavi: Aashu Tu!! Wow !! Kitne din baad mile hum aur vaise how are Avu and Jai

Ashnoor and Jaijeet met Abhi and Vaishu when they were in school through Sid . As they are Avu's siblings Vaishu and Abhi adore them a lot .

Abhishek: That means you have taken admission in this university and you are a part of our team!!Now thats going to be some fun.

Ashnoor: Your team ??😕😕

Vaishnavi: Actually we are your mentors

Ashnoor: (dancing happily) Dil disco disco bole saari raat sajna!!
Wooaahh!!😆😆 I am very very happy.

Ashnoor saw Anushka was standing there confused so she introduced her to both of them.

Ashnoor: Yeah! So this is Anushka Sen,my best friend and Anushka they are Vaishnavi Rao and Abhishek Nigam.Abhi bhaiya is the elder brother of my school friend Siddharth and Vaishu Di is his girlfriend.They both are in the 3rd year of this university.

Anushka: Hii Abhi bhaiyya and Vaishu di. If you don't mind me calling you that.

Vaishnavi: No no why would we mind 😊😊. But Aashu I don't remember her being in Sidd's school.

Ashnoor: Because she is my college best friend.

Vaishnavi: Ohh!

Ashnoor: Oh my God! Tum Yaha!!!!

She sees a person walking towards them.

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