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Everyone was sleeping. But suddenly in the middle of the night Avu screamed.

Sid was the first one to wake up.

Sid's POV

I was sleeping peacefully when I heard Avu scream so I quickly woke up and went to her bed ,but she wasn't there. Uptill now almost everyone had woken up. I looked for her everywhere and found her in the opposite corner of the suite. She was lying there unconscious.

End of POV

Sid ran to her and picked her up in his arms and took her to the bed. Meanwhile Janu already was sprinkling water on her ,Jai was rubbing her feet and Bhavu was fanning her.

Reem: Ye uth kyu nahi rahi hai?😦

Sid: Bhai kuch karo na! 😭😭

Bhavu: Pls sab thoda side ho jao aur hawa aane do uske around congested mat raho.

He then sprinkled some more water on her face and checked her pulse.

Bhavu: Guys don't worry she is okay. Lagta hai isne kuch daravni cheez dekh li.

Sid was holding her and trying to control himself and finally after sometime Avu regained consciousness.

Sid: Avu baby are you okay?Tumhe kahi chot nahi aayi na!

Avu: Vo vo..vaha par..vo sab...sabko...

Bhavu: Relax! Calm down and take a deep breath and ab batao kya hua

Avu: Mujhe pyaas lagi thi toh main paani peene ke liye kitchen area mein gayi aur vaha par koi tha.

Abhi: Kaun tha vaha par?

Avu: Mujhe nahi pata par vo bohot daravna tha ,us..uska f..face pu...pura bur...burnt t..tha

Fais: Avu humare siva yaha par koi nahi hai!

Vaishu: Avu..shona tune zaroor koi bura sapna dekha hoga

Bhavu: Lekin Di agar sapna hota toh vo apne bed pe hoti na!

Sid: Ha vo toh kitchen mein hi mili

Janu and Jai were feeling a bit scared because some abnormal activity happened to them in the evening but decided against telling them.

Bhavu: Vo jo bhi kuch ho hum kal subah dekhenge abhi she needs rest.

Sid: Bhavu thanksss thanks so much! For helping Avu.

Bhavu: Maar khayeg abhi!

Abhi: Yaar main kyu maar khaunga?

Bhavu: Bhai maine aapka naam nahi liya maine toh now wala abhi bola. Aur ha Sid kya tu bhi  thanks leke baith gaya! Yaar we are a family right,and she is my sister above all!

Authors Reaction: Gosh! I just love this bond between Avu and Bhavu!😘

Sid: Avu now you go to sleep

Avu: Nahi! Vo phir se aa gaya toh 😨

Vaishu: Shona tu dar mat main tere saath so jaati hu okay!

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