After this whole fiasco had gone down after the last two months, things seemed to have calm down. The new kids were actually apart of some big quest to save the world and were currently building a huge ship to go and take down Gaea. The only huge thing that gone down so far was an Athena kid figuring out that Terra's name was the Roman counterpart for Gaea, for a week or two a huge number of demigods, well 99% of the camp, thought she was maybe a host or somehow connected to Gaea, even Gaea herself. She wasn't, thank the gods or it would have been a huge mess. It turned out she was wrong. Guess they weren't all that smart.

Cher and her mom had also decide to move in since her and my dad were now married. It wasn't all that bad, except for the fact that Cher took about thirty minutes in the bathroom every morning before deciding on how to do her make-up. At least me and Cher no longer hated each other because I would've gone crazy by now.

Besides that everything was smooth sailing for the last two months. Did I forget to mention, today was the first day of school? Yup. Time had flown and at this very moment I was standing in front of the mirror contemplating on weather or not I should go with wearing my dark blue jeans or my light ones. Oh was life hard. I decided to go with my the dark jeans and threw them on. I walked down the stairs and was surprised to see Conner sitting on the kitchen table.

" What are you doing here?".

He shifted around in his chair for a bit before turning to me. " Travis told me to come and get you but the door was unlocked so I let myself in. By the way that fruit salad in the fridge was great, I hope you didn't need it ".

" Oh...Well there goes my breakfast... ". He gave  me a sheepish smile and mumbled sorry. I shuffled towards the fridge and grabbed a yogurt and quickly devoured it and threw it in the trash. We waited in awkward silence not knowing what to say.

" So...".

" So...".

" You know, I'm glad that you're dating Travis, he's much smarter now ".

"...What?" Was I confused right now? You bet I was.

" Well before you guys started dating, he was stupid, now he's less stupid ".

 " You know... now that you mentioned it I can see it now..."

" You got that right! ".

" The other day he asked me why glue didn't stick inside of a bottle ".

 Conner doubled over in laughter and grabbed onto the counter top to make sure he didn't fall. " It's OBVIOUSLY air-dry!". Who new that I would be currently making fun of my boyfriend (In a totally nice way though) with his brother? At least I was getting along with him.

" Wow are you guys making fun of me? I'm hurt " Travis said putting a hand over his heart.

I walked over to him and put my hands around his neck and kissed him, something Ill never get bored of.

He smiled into the kiss and murmured " All is forgiven ". A loud grunt interrupted us and Conner said   " You know, kinda still waiting for that kiss to ".

" Oh of course how could I forget my own brother ". Conner's eyes widened and he shouted " I didn't mean it!" as Travis chased Conner around the room until he caught up to him and clutched Conner's hand pulling him close and giving him a big slobbery kiss on the cheek.

" I'm sorry Katie, I have to break up with you, but I have fallen in love with my beautiful brother Conner over here ". Travis said to me as he currently had Conner in a headlock while he was struggling to get out of it.

" No it's ok, I found someone else, You know Alex from the Apollo cabin? Yeah I said yes ". As I said this he immediately dropped Conner on the floor with a thud and he looked at me with heart-broken eyes.

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