I let Terra slide by Chiron without him noticing for a few days before someone ratted me out. Our conversation basically went tike this. " Katie, you know we can't have a mortal staying at camp! It's against the rules!" Chrion exclaimed.

"When have we ever followed the rules? And Rachel's staying here!".

" That's different, she is the oracle! Any we only break the rules on certain occasions, but this is unacceptable!".

" Just one week and then she can leave! Please Chiron just a week?" I pleaded.

He shuffled around and sighed deeply. " One week, just One week ".

I let out a breath that I didn't realize I had been holding in and shouted, " Yes! Thank you, So much!". He smiled but I could see the sadness in his eyes. He must miss Percy, almost everyone did. The flames yesterday at the campfire were low and most people a suppressed smile on their faces; except Annabeth, her eyes had been bloodshot red from crying and she looked like a wreck. I walked out of the big house to find Annabeth just about to walk in.

" Hey Annabeth, How's it going?"

She stuttered over her words," E-Everything's going good Katie " She tried to walk past me, but I softly grabbed her arm and spun her around and asked " Are you handling everything ok with, you know.. Percy?".

Her voice hardened and she said " Everything is going fine Katie, no need to ask ". I nodded my head, ignoring her rudeness. I walked back to my cabin were Terra was telling something to my sisters. They all turned to me when I walked in, and started saying,

" Oh my gosh! why didn't you tell me she was so nice! She has such good advice! Let her stay! And of course Gavin my Lovely brother had to say " Katie! you never told me she was hot!".

Terra gave him a look of disgust and said " Honey you aren't getting any of this any time soon, and what are you eight?".

He huffed out through gritted teeth " For your information, I'm ten. You know Katie you were right, She is a devil spawn. I'm going to go garden now." And with that he walked out of the room.

" You think I'm a devil spawn?!" She screeched. With that my brother and sisters quickly left the room giving me a series of Good luck's before they walked out to the garden.

" Um..that was before we were on good terms ".

" That's ok. I used to call you a big headed freak " She said calmly. " Uh.. thanks?".

She shrugged it off and we walked out of the cabin.

_________________________ LATER ON THAT DAY____________________________________

" Oh my god! You guys have a lava rock climbing wall?!?". The whole day I had been giving Terra a tour of Camp. Let me just say her mouth stayed open the whole time. She met a couple of my friends and, not to my surprise, she became fast friends with the Aphrodite girls. Her favorite site was the Lava wall; which I told her it wasn't as fun as it seems. Soon enough the Aphrodite girls came along and took her away. So I was left walking around alone while everyone was in their classes.

I was walking to the Archery field when Travis came bounding up to me.

" Hey so do you think it's fine if I tell people that were dating? " He made air marks with his fingers on the word dating.

" Um I guess, just don't do it to make girls jealous because I don't wont to be in some Aphrodite girls drama."

He gasped placing a hand of is heart and said in a mocking voice " I cannot believe you think only Aphrodite girls are the only girls that I hit on! I thought you knew I was better than that!".

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