One week down, another to go.

I got out of bed after hearing my brothers and sisters fight over who would get to go to the bathroom.

" Can ya'll SHUT UP? I AM TR-YING TO SLEEP HERE! ITS FREAKING 6 IN THE MORNING! WE DON'T HAVE TO GET UP TILL ANOTHER TWO HOURS!". They immediately stopped what they were doing and looked at me. 

" Jeez Katie, we knew you weren't a morning person but, DANG. CALM DOWN." Miranda exclaimed. Out of nowhere a deep chuckle come out of the doorway.Travis..

" Katie loving the messy look." he shot me a wink before turning back.

" Why is everyone up so early? Our meetings aren't even this early in the morning. Gahhh ". I rolled over on my pillow hoping to go back to sleep.

" Don't you remember what Chiron said last night? It was time for the time change. Duh." Travis said. Oh yeah, the time change. You know when you have to change the time because the time changes? Yeah it was yesterday.. I think.

" Wait, what time is it?"

" 3. You really should pay attention." Said Travis. " Oh and we got invited to my ex's party in the woods. You know Cassandra from the Hecate cabin and remember we have to make her jealous so don't be late. Its at nine thirty ." And with enough said he walked out.

" Cassandra? She's such a nice girl.. I wonder why she would go out with him.." Questioned Miranda.

" You know girls.. always going out with whose hot..". Miranda was walking towards the door when she suddenly stopped. "Did you just call Travis hot?". I felt blood rush up to my cheeks. Did I really just say that? Dang Katie you need to get your stuff together. Shut up me. Great now I'm having a mental fight with my self, how nice.

"Um no, I was just implying stuff that girls do.. You know.. remember when you went out with that guy whose like a fruit of the loom model?".

She eyed me suspiciously before replying, " Whatever, and he was a Calvin Klein model." Then she walked out the door. With a huff I fell onto my bed and laid their before Miranda opened the door and said. "  Don't forget we have the deadline for the strawberries today, so you better hurry and get ready."


I was in the camps garden picking strawberries for about four hours now. I had skipped lunch and rushed straight here. I was exhausted and not to mention it was super hot. I was finishing up the last row of strawberries when the bell for dinner rang. Lets just say I want in the best shape. I quickly ran to my cabin and wiped the dirt off of my body, washed my hands, got dressed and ran straight back out. When I had got there the only thing that I did was scarf down my food like a pig and went back to my cabin and slept like a rock. After what seemed like a few minutes, the door barged open.

" Hey I've been knocking on the do-YOUR STILL SLEEPING? The party's starts in ten minutes!"

I muffled into my pillow. " I don't wanna get up. I'm tired." 

" You said you were going so your going. Now come on and get up ." He pushed me off the bed and I fell face forward onto the floor. What a nice boyfriend.

" I'M UP! Now leave I have to get dressed." I shooed him out of the cabin and went to put on a fresh pair of shirts and a clean camp half blood shirt. I straightened my hair and then put on some sandals,Then I walked out the door.

" I'm ready. So were is this party anyway?". 

" Its on the other side of the lake. Were going to have to take a boat to get there but first we need to go get the keys from the Hephaestus cabin and get Nissa. Shes going to the party to and she knows how to start the boat." We walked to the Hephaestus cabin and picked up Nissa, got the keys, and left. I hadn't really talked to Nissa much before, but once we started talking, I realized she was really nice. We had chatted for about 15 minutes unti we got to the lake.

" Hey do you mind if we hang out at the party together? I heard they mostly invited the Aphrodite and Ares cabin and I'm not really on good terms with them.." She said.

" Yeah thats fine. Im not really friends with them either.. but we'll see if we can find a few girls I know from the Apollo cabin, their nice don't worry , and we can all hang out. But im going to have be with this idiot half the time." I said pointing to Travis.

" Well thats not very nice of you to say about me." He folded his arms and turned the other way like a five year old would do.  " Well you can handle it. I've had worse things said about you."

" Well I would like to know what you have said about me".

"Maybe next time but right now me and Nissa are going to go and have some fun.

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