Let's just say I was right, sleeping on Harpy infested grounds is the worst idea ever. It wasn't bad that Katie was there, it was actually pretty great. ( We didn't do anything ). What was worse that Chiron found us, which ended up with him finding out that we were at the party at the other side of the lake. How he found out? Don't ask, it was a long story. We now have dish duty for a whole month and no dessert for two weeks. Anyway we were actually washing dishes right now. Some people could eat a lot at dinner time.

" This sucks ". Katie grumbled. " We didn't even start the party and now were blamed for the whole thing!".

" Yeah well, its better then ratting out everyone else, then be known as the camp tattle-tales ". I said.

" Yeah, I guess ". She sighed.

We kept washing dishes for another few minutes or so, when I got an idea. I checked to make sure no one was looking. I grabbed some of the left over enchiladas and I chucked it at her. It landed smack dab in the middle of her apron and she squealed. 

She looked up, and stared at me straight in the eye. " Oh it's on! ". she snatched up a handful of mash potatoes and threw them right at me. I ducked at the last minute and it landed on one of the Harpy's tail feathers. She turned around squinting her eyes at us as if we did something before turning back around. We immediately started laughing like crazy before continuing on. We threw the closest food that we could get our hands on. She grabbed some grapes and started chucking them at me. I grabbed a cup full of soda and started to chase her around the kitchen. I slipped on some soap. She tried to catch me but ended falling down with me.  " DOWN WE GO!" I screamed.  I caught her fall and she fell right on me, and all I could do was stare. Despite the food in her hair, she still looked beautiful. Without realizing it we were both leaning in, we were right about to kiss when Chiron came in, I guess the harpy found the mashed potatoes on her tail. Well there went me kissing her. 

" What are you two doing??!?! You were supposed to wash the dishes, NOT HAVE A FOOD FIGHT! ". Chiron shouted. She quickly got off of me and helped me up.

" Sorry Chiron it won't happen again ". She said.

" I'll make sure of that> GET OUT OF THE KITCHEN ". He bellowed. Wow was someone mad. He didn't need to tell us twice. I grabbed her hand and we ran out as fast as we could. We ran all the way to her cabin and hid in the back.

" Why are we hiding?"  She giggled.

" I don't know he seemed pretty mad ". I guess we just realized what we had done and we burst into a fit of laughter. 

" You're so beatiful Katie. Do you know that? ".

She blushed and looked away. " I think I hit you with to many mash potatoes ".

" No I really mean it ".

C'mon Travis, its now or never. I leaned in and I kissed her. She immediatly responded and wrapped her hands in her hair. I felt her smile in the kiss and I did the same. I was so happy. We stood there kissing for about ten minutes before she ended it. 

___________________KATIES P.O.V._______________________________________________

I couldn't stop smiling. I didn't want to end it but I had to. It was getting late and my siblings would be wondering were I would be. I was walking towards the door when he grabbed my hand spun me around and gave me one last kiss. " Goodnight, I'll see you tomorrow. " He said. I couldn't answer because I was smiling to much so I simply waved him goodbye and went into my cabin and fell on my bed lookin up at the ceiling.

" Hey Katie, were have you been?". Miranda asked.

I looked over at her and said " BEST DAY EVER!", and it really was.

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