Part 18 ; Fight And Pain

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"I don't think we should bet at this time. Don't you two feel this place and time are not right?? Do I just find this place inappropriate or you two are blind??" Jungkook said as he give Jimin and Taehyung death glare.

"Shut your fucking mouth before I shoot you" Jimin said as his gun pointed at Jungkook. "If you two try to destroy Roby Group or try to disturb y/n again, I wouldn't hesitate to throw both of you into a pool filled with piranha." Jimin said again.

"I'm not afraid of death although it will come tomorrow to pick me up but I want both of you to remember, y/n is still mine even though I have breathed the last breath in this world."

Jungkook said as a smirk began to appear on his lips before he put his gun back in his pocket. Jungkook is willing to destroy anything in order to get y/n only. No one can have y/n expect Jungkook.

*Y/n's Office, 2 : 03*

"Don't you miss me, Queen??" That voice!! You know that voice!!! You look at Jungkook's handsome face immediately. How could he enter without your permission?? "Ceo Jeon, you can't enter without my permission" You said in a firm voice to him.

But you know it won't affect Jungkook. Step by step he makes you feel nervous and scared of him. You start to lean backwards until your back touches the wall.

His warm breath touched your face, his gentle eyes on you made your heart pound. "L-let me g-go, Ceo Jeon." You begging him to let you go. "Are you scared of me, Queen?" He put his hands between your heads. He's trying to stop your movement.

You tried to push him but failed. Jungkook didn't move even an inch! You freeze for a moment when he says something hard to believe. "You don't know how much I miss you, Y/n" Didn't he really mean it to you??

His eyes had tears streaming down his cheeks. Why does he have to cry when he already divorced you a year ago? Your eyes meet his eyes for a moment. "I really miss you so much, y/n"

"You don't know how my life without you all this time. I'm sorry, Y/n.. I'm so sorry, baby" You didn't expect Jungkook pulled you into his arms and kisses your lips.

His arms are so perfectly wrapped around your waist but why you don't push him? And you just let Jungkook kiss you. Suddenly the beautiful memories both of you appear in your mind.

The old history is playing again. Is this love coming back??

"Nice to meet you, beautiful"

"Let's dance with me my beautiful Queen"


"Can I get my morning kiss, Queen?"

"I don't know why, but your perfume is my favourite"

"I know you love me as I love you, Queen"

"Oh omg Kook, I love you too king. Hahaha.. "

"I know that, Babe.. Now give me a kiss."

But who knows if someone is watching both of you in the office? Taehyung just stood up before he closed the door slowly. The pain must be avoided first. Should he??

*Skip Times, Gangnam Coffee*

Why does all this need to get to this point? This situation is getting more and more difficult from day to day, and about feeling? The pain is worse until it leaves a deep impression.

Taehyung just sat there doing nothing, his mind wandering about the incident at your office. Does Y/n still love Jungkook? Why all this has to happen again??

His eyes closed for a moment to forget the pain he was feeling right now. Jealousy and pain are very painful when the two are united, but can Taehyung overcome his feelings? "Why is this feeling so painful??"

Unexpectedly, someone came and sat in front of him. "That's what I felt all along when you were with y/n or Jungkook with y/n like now. But three of us, y/n will pick just one of us to Marry her" Jimin said to Taehyung.

"Since when were you invited to sit here? Can't you sit somewhere other than here?" Taehyung said as he give a death glare at Jimin but Jimin just smirking at him.

"Why can't I sit here when your name is not on this table?? You are not the owner of this store??" Taehyung tried to contain his anger in public, otherwise he would shoot Jimin immediately.

Why he always appears suddenly?? "Are you here to drink coffee or to fight with me??" Taehyung asked Jimin. "Why would I want to fight with you at this place??"

"So? What your purpose is to come here?" Jimin looked at Taehyung for a moment then he smirking. "My purpose? I also don't know about it. Our friendship is broken after all this has happened"

"What are you talking about?" Taehyung was trying t figure out what Jimin was planning because Jimin's plan was so complicated and difficult to interpret. What does he want??

"I'm talking about y/n." Taehyung give Jimin a death glare again. "If you talking about y/n, I will immediately shoot you. You just wasting my time"

*Y/n's Office, Y/n POV*

I immediately returned to reality and pushed Jungkook's body firmly until our kiss broke. This can't happen again the second time. I can't let this again, he give me so much pain before.

Before Jungkook could say anything, I give him a blow until he froze for a moment. "Why you do this to me!? Why you comeback after a year?! What do you want from me again!!" I shouting at him. "Honey, please liste-"

"Don't try to touch me! You're disgusting!" I pushed Jungkook away from me when he tried to approach me again.

I still remember that Jungkook had sex with Lisa when I still his wife and now he still dares to touch me with his dirty hands?? "Honey, please" Jungkook tries to persuade me but I try to distance myself from him.

"STOP!! I'm not your fucking honey, Ceo Jeon!! WE ARE OVER A YEAR AGO! Please, leave me alone now" I try not to scream at him because I still respect him. "Y/n~ I love you so much!"

"Stop!! I don't want to hear it anymore. Because of you, I lost my baby all this time! I'm having miscarriage because of you both." I try to hold my tears when I talk about my baby to Jungkook.

"Our baby, y/n!" Jungkook tried to hold my hand but I pushed his body away from me "Noo!! That not your baby! It's my baby!" Why does Jungkook not understand what I feel when I lose my baby in my womb??

"If that baby is not my child so where did that baby come from in your womb, y/n?" Why this guy still doesn't understand me!?? "JEON JUNGKOOK, STOP IT!! JUST LET ME GO, PLEASE! I'm no longer your wife!!"

"I said I I love you so much, y/n!!"

*To Be Continued*

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