Deleted Chapter: Bobby Saving Hassin

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(The chapter takes place in the day four arc. I wrote the ending first before the rest of the novel and it had to be scrapped because of a change in direction. Nila and Hassin died in day three and Bobby got struck by lightning.) 

Bobby raised Todd from out of the lake and brought him over to Nila to perform first aid on him. She was a nurse, she'd know what to do. "Take care of him."

"Will do."

"I'm going to get Hassin."

Bobby sprinted in the lake. Flashbacks of his suicide attempt made time seem still. He could tell Hassin wasn't a swimmer based on his panting and rapid wobbling. Stretching out his arms, he pulled Hassin towards him and brought towards the shore.

There were days when the water was Bobby's enemy, and others the day when the water was his friend. At that very moment, the water waved in his favour.

"Thank you so much!" Hassin said in joy.

Todd had regained consciousness and pounced on Bobby the moment he saw him. Sakura and Yuzuko emerged from the bushes with leaves flying off their bikinis.

Nila squinted at them. "You two took a good time to make out."

"Actually, we weren't making out," Sakura said, holding her partner's hand. "We got some bad news."

Bobby thought it couldn't get any worse until she burst into tears. "I found Alfie's body."

He acted surprised, he had a feeling that Alfie wouldn't survive, being the most vulnerable on the island, but that that only made the fact sting worse for him. "Poor Catherine," Bobby said, muttering a prayer for her and her family.

"His mother's gone too," Yuzuko announced. "The robots took her."

"Did you see what happened?" Bobby asked them.

"I only saw Catherine stab Christian multiple times," Sakura said, wiping her eyes.

"We really wanted to stop her," Yuzuko said, gulping. "But it wasn't safe. Christian was long dead, and all we could do was take down the robots."

Sakura looked over on Bobby's shoulder. "Where's Kiki?"

"We helped her escape," Todd said. "We made a boat for her."

"I don't know if that's going to work."

"We won't know for sure," Yuzuko admitted. "The chances of Kiki surviving are very slim. The military could have destroyed her or the waves could have consumed her."

"The island wasn't the place for her!" Hassin said with a smile on his face. "Let's think positive."

"Hassin!" Nila whispered in his ear. "We can't trust these people. Some of them are murderers."

"We've all made mistakes," Hassin hissed. "I believe in them. We all know each other online before we came on this island. Together we can get off this island." Hassin voice began to echo across the trees. "You guys remember what Sia Bucks said? Living is winning." He raised his fist in the air, waving his weapon at the level of the trees. "WE ARE ALL GOING TO WIN!"

"How many robots are there left?" Yanyu said, holding onto Chang-Hoon's shoulder. "Does anybody know?"

"I think there's about twenty of them left." Bobby glared at the top of the hill. Silhouettes of the robots appeared through the fog. "Run to the hills. They're at the top."

"Do you think we have a chance?" Nila asked the survivors. "If there's about twenty of them left and twelve of us."

Sakura nodded. "When we came on the island there was a thousand of them. Now there's just twenty. I think we have a good chance of winning."

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