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Leatherface  by DerekMyAlpha
Leatherface by ❤️MommaBri❤️
A violent teen and four others kidnap a young nurse while escaping from a Texas mental institution. Pursued by a vengeful sheriff, the disturbed young man and his two fa...
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Novus Magus [Emperor of the Celestial Sun Mist 1] #OriginalLN [Prologue- Ep. 96] by ImperialSun
Novus Magus [Emperor of the Gustavo J.
How far would you go to achieve your dreams? Many dream of attending Nine Petal Academy, one of the most prestigious magical academies in the land. They must all leave t...
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Mosaic (Bucky Barnes X OC / Winter Soldier x OC) by FlyingRedPanda
Mosaic (Bucky Barnes X OC / FlyingRedPanda
Placed 1st in 7 Awards. Currently 100 K + words long and nowhere near the end. "The broken pieces... take the ones you do have, the ones you'll find, the ones you'l...
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From the Ashes (Ravenwood Mysteries #1) by SabrinaFlynn
From the Ashes (Ravenwood Sabrina Flynn
"An atmospheric historical mystery that will captivate you to the end!" "...complex and teeming with life." Atticus Riot took a bullet to his head th...
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On The Inside by flamingo-bird
On The Insideby Flamingo Cupcake
Chris is an introvert, Nick is a narcisstic (figurative) unicorn, Ary's only passion is misanthropy, his arch enemy has some serious traumas, Pete is not as lovely as he...
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The Homes We Make by Mox_Box
The Homes We Makeby Mox_Box
In the wonderful year of 3248 humanity is finally thriving in a technological utopia! After an extremely troublesome recovery period that lasted over a millennia. But th...
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Order of Magnitude by mrdellan
Order of Magnitudeby Mark Dellandre
Parvs are just like ordinary humans. They eat, they speak, and they live their lives in active communities. The only difference: they are just 2 inches tall! Survival in...
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ReQuite: Lightcatcher by EphemeralSight
ReQuite: Lightcatcherby EphemeralSight .
"Everyone is born with light." In the world of Adonis, all people are blessed with the power of Radiance gifted by the Goddess Lyss. All except Corbin Arkwrigh...
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The Crumbling Tower by rosemaryandrue
The Crumbling Towerby Rose
Even an ordinary lady has a past, though other characters may be persuaded otherwise. or: Elletra Wilton gains an increasingly strange hanger-on. This is a 30,000+ word...
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Cold Girl by Rgreenaway
Cold Girlby R.M. Greenaway
Reluctant RCMP Constable David Leith travels inland from his post in Prince Rupert to the villages of the Hazeltons, to take on the case of a missing young woman. Popula...
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Blood Follows Blood  by LittleSnowCloud
Blood Follows Blood by LittleSnowCloud
-Warrior Cats RP- "Do you feel it? The burning in your heart? In your soul? The fear within me is greater than anything you can imagine. You cannot kill me in a way...
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Descension- Beginning by jumbo_waffles
Descension- Beginningby Kieran Mitchell
Phil Marshall is a police officer whose daily patrol turns deadly as the city falls prey to an unknown virus, causing people to transform into dangerous blood-thirsty mo...
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Heartache's Heroes by ESMills
Heartache's Heroesby ESMills
Ichan Prison, one of the oldest satellite prisons in the Galactic Alliance, has been run by its inmates for generations and they are demanding sovereignty. Colonel Grimm...
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Libera Me from this World by KaminaIsHot
Libera Me from this Worldby KaminaIsHot
Long ago, when humans were chased out of the corners of the world by monsters, they prayed as they reached the end of their ropes. The gods gave them an answer, in he fo...
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His Partners by 0stinato
His Partnersby Ema Schopenhauer
A pseudo-celebrity known as 'the Liar' caught my attention recently, and I managed to secure an interview with him. I'm glad I did - much more than I could have imagined...
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The Morning After by Nilsdlund
The Morning Afterby Nils Ödlund
Alene wakes up, and she doesn't know where she is - or how she got there. In fact, she doesn't quite remember anything, except, well, there was a bar, and some guys. One...
Tales From The TARDIS by nickwhovy
Tales From The TARDISby Fifth Dimensional Idiot
- The Doctor: Now in his 13th (technically 14th) incarnation. *The Oncoming Storm *The Bringer Of Darkness *Savior of The Stars - Madison Tempest: 24 years old *High Sch...
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The Guild: Beast of Agnipul by SidneyReyes754
The Guild: Beast of Agnipulby Seth Blackwood
The Adericta, a legendary guild of professional monsters slayers, takes on four new recruits after a two decade long drought of worthy fighters. With their new bloods in...
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Five Petal Academia by BlackDiamonds89
Five Petal Academiaby Dustin Nuttall
Many dream of attending Five Petal Academy to obtain the secrets of mastering their magical powers and to fight against the corrupted empire and the beasts of the underw...
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The Bishop Diaries by tellsbooks
The Bishop Diariesby T. R. TELLS
| Historical Paranormal - Thriller | 1937, Salem, Massachusetts, Circe Bishop becomes of age to acquire her Grimore; a witches most powerful and prized possession that i...
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