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John Hacker by Cuboxotime
John Hackerby AMAN SHAIKH
John Hacker is New York's number 1 detective. But trouble tickles his mind when a young criminal calling himself the Spider challenges John to save his town.
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Living Blood by Satalideis
Living Bloodby Lily Ackerman
when you wake up and the dead are walking in the streets eating people you know today's gonna be rough. as Samantha battles for survival she meets others on the way mak...
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The Thing Roleplay by ShadowTitans
The Thing Roleplayby Angel Pacheco
based on movies and the game
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Bio Hazard by WillTheShepherd
Bio Hazardby Will Shepherd
Chance. Chance is a factor in life that one cannot ignore. Even if the chances of something happening are slim, they are chances nonetheless. Who knew the beginnin...
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Who Am I? by JcTheHero
Who Am I?by Mr.Otaku420
A Shadow the hedgehog small story
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The Vector protocol by ShadowTitans
The Vector protocolby Angel Pacheco
this is a spin-off of The Forerunner Special Agents sega I got this idea from XXX movie Series and my dream I had last night The government has been in desperate need of...
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