♕Day Four - Part VI: All For Nothing♕

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"My muscles are burning!" Aron cried, clutching onto his calves. His sneakers red where it should have been white. Panting, he held onto his partner's hand. "Can we rest?"

"If we're given a chance to that is!" Rós eyed up the mansion doors.

Aron howled. "If we don't rest now, I'll collapse."

"You know we never got a chance to go into that mansion."

"I'm sure we have..." Everything looked the same to Aron.

"No, you're thinking of that other house."

Aron looked up at the horizons. "You know we've been to so many places, that I can hardly keep track anymore." They held hands to feel a moment of sanity. Something they had almost forgotten since coming onto the show. Aron let go and shrugged his shoulders. His bag jumped over his head then swung on his shoulders. "I got a strange feeling about that place."

Rós folded her arms. "Maybe we shouldn't go."

"Maybe that's where Yuzuko is, nobody's seen her since last night."

"Do you really want to see Yuzuko?"

His voice was clear. "Yes!" Aron's lips quivered afterwards. "She needs to know what happened. Kiki is her aunt." 

"But Kiki's a..."

"I know. But in Japan, robots have human rights... it makes perfect sense."

 "I guess..."  

"Back to what you were saying. I don't think she killed Bobby. Lavender's wrong about her."

"Lavender had a point though," Rós reminded him.  "She was the last one to see Bobby alive. Yuzuko had the opportunity to do it."

"Well, I don't trust Lavender. I think she's lying." The storm took Mariangela and her friend. It could have taken Bobby too. It made Aron think of how many of Sia's staff have died. They claim that no members of the Ilse of Hakai's military have ever died, but Aron found it hard to believe. He'd seen previous shows were they were frisky with each other and previous contestants. 

"Why would she lie?" Rós shrugged her shoulders. 

He pictured last night's event so clear. "Because she hit on Yuzuko, and she rejected her."


"At the beach party, you were too pissed to noticed."

"I don't remember anything that happened at the beach party."

"Perhaps it's for the best..." Visions of the previous night still hurt his brain. The storms provoked him in a way he would never forget. The winds were worse than anything he had experienced in Iceland.

Rós gasped and jumped behind Aron at the sound of high-pitched screams, crying and gunshots. Red droplets splattered on the window. Rós covered her ears and crouched down. "It sounded like Yuzuko and Lavender..."

"Get down!" Aron gasped, rolling Rós onto the ground with him. "I don't recall either of them owning a gun."

The silence from behind the door deafened their senses.

Rós got up. "You were right before, we should check it out."

He gulped. "I think I'm going to regret this..."

They tiptoed towards the mansion's door. He could hear his partner's stomach-churning behind him. "I don't think we're going to like what we see."

Aron kicked down the door and found Yuzuko cradling Lavender's corpse in her arms.

"She was going to kill us all!" Yuzuko shrieked. "I only did it to save us all."

Aron lowered his head. "Well, I've got some bad news for you...it was all for nothing!"

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