The Broken girl and the guy who loved her--Chapter one

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Hey everyone! I'm new to this site and I dont usually post my writings but I'm posting this one to get feed back on it. Hope you like it. Tell me your thoughts and what you liked. Some critisim would be nice to help me improve on my writing. Oh and everything i write of mine is original work. :) Enjoy! --------------------------- Chapter One--

The door to that house, it opens on its own again. Nothing but darkness consumes the inside of the old large Victorian house. I can hear my heart racing in my ears and I'm trembling all over. This house, looks normal on the outside but something...Something is inside... and its not a good something..

I swallow hard and wipe away the beads of sweat running down my forehead. One foot in front of the other; its that easy. I learn to walk again instead of just standing in one spot staring at that house. Everyone tells you to face your fears or else your fears will continue to haunt you well, I suppose that's the truth. I make it inside of the house but all I can see is darkness, pitch black darkness. I step farther inside, something my gut is telling me not to do but I don't listen to myself and continue to walk inside. The little light from the outside world guides me to the stair case but the door quickly shuts on its own and leaves me in the darkness.My heart is racing faster, the blood in my veins are pumping faster, I can feel the cold sweat running down my forehead and then I hear it..."Welcome to your death, you stupid worthless girl" The voice I hear, begins to laugh and a high pitched murderous scream escapes from my lungs.I can no longer hide my fear, the darkness opens up to a firey pit and something from behind me pushes me. I fall but grab hold of the ledge and try to pull myself up, I cant seem to stop screaming.Tears flood my eyes as I try to pull to safety but wait...there is no safety.."Help!!" I yell for help but I know that no one will rush to my aid, instead his face reveals from the darkness. He smiles down at me, his wickedly evil smile; I don't know who this man is but he returns to this scene and all he does is smile.The sight of him scares me, I let go of the ledge before he can push me off and I fall. The firey pit changes scenes. My falling comes to a stop, I land in a wooden box, I land in my coffin.I can hear the dirt being thrown back into the hole where my coffin lays and I scream. Flailing and thrashing my arms and legs, screaming for someone to let me out of this dreadful coffin before I no longer have oxygen to breath but no one hears my plea.I am trapped in this box, for this is how I am to die. My screams die down to a whimper and my limbs come to a halt. I lay there, feeling my chest get heavy and my breathing slow, the vision in my eyes begin to blur and soon enough my eyes close."BEEP BEEP" my alarm clock goes off and my eye lids slowly open.Its day 153 that I've had that nightmare again...My arms and legs, are once again bruised but I cant tell if they are from yesterday or from the nightmare..either way, I am bruised..I drag myself out of bed and shuffle my feet across the cold wooden floor into my bathroom. Everything hurts, my head, my spirit even hurts and I don't believe that can be possible.My eyes stay closed as I flip the light switch on. One piece of clothing after another I strip away from my body and step into my shower directly in the path of the cold water, which instantly awakens me.I stand there and wash myself down, wash him away from me, and wash the old me away from the me that has decided to take control. The water shuts off and I step out, wrapping the towel around my body. I look into the mirror and stare at the other person who is staring back at me with her brown eyes filled with pain and sorrow but also filled with anger and hate.The person..The other girl in the mirror has long brownish black hair that is cut in choppy layers, no longer the long soft brownish black hair a young child girl used to have, how this person's hair is damaged by the heat of a flat iron and the chemicals of hair dyes.This persons skin is pale and marked with cuts, bruises and scars...this person's skin is no longer the skin I used to have, soft and a beautiful tan colour to it..but not any more and this persons no longer patient, kind, full of energy or life..No..this person who has come in and decided to take place as me in the world is impatient, silent, and broken from the inside out. I trust no one, feel emotion for no one, and suffer in silence but the old me..wouldn't have been that the old me was a different person that is now gone completely. Stripped away from the body that once used to be mine but now belongs to another person.A soft sigh escapes my lips and I veer away from the bathroom. I ready myself, pulling on black skinny jeans and a crimson red tank top. I find my matching converse and pull them on, then dig into my messy closet for my hoodie."Pandora.." My mother stands at my locked door and calls my name through the wooden door.A quick sharp pain seeths my heart, A piece of me has just been broken off inside.I walk to my own bathroom and fix my hair and apply the heavy black eyeliner and black lipstick. My bangs fall into place, hiding my face from the world.Standing in the doorway of my bathroom to my room I look around and notice that nothing has changed much in my room. Its still the same light purple, green and pink that I had wanted when I was a young little girl...but that was long ago..I was once in possession of my body but now I'm not.The only differences I can take to notice, are the posters, the quotes I loved, and the empty or half empty bottles of alcohol laying on my floor or table. The ash tray is near my window sill along with my cigarettes and lighter. My other illegal drugs..well they are hidden away and only pulled out when I am alone."Pandora....honey" my mother is still at my door on the other side, I growl slightly and grab my bag, lighter and cigarettes. I unlock my door and swing it open, my eyes lock her gaze. There is pain and sorrow in her eyes, she is wondering where she went wrong in raising me..I can see that she blames herself and the other me would have assured her that she isn't to blame..but this me..cant seem to care because it is partially her fault but the majority of it is...well who knows who the majority of the blame goes to but I knew at that moment that she was there so she was to blame.Pushing past her, I made my way out of the house, slamming the door behind me. The sky was a dark grey, a sure positive sign of heavy none stop rain. Wonderful.

Pandora's black headphones are in my ears, an assorted mix of music playing on shuffle. Her head fills with the lyrics of Bring Me The Horizon, Alesana, Brokencyde and others. Searching her bag, she pull out my ipod and change to a different play list and blast the music that leaves the head phones into her ears, listening to Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Led Zepplin, Smashing Pumpkins and even some of the Beetles songs.

"What a combination of music, wouldn't you agree sweety?" Pandora spoke to the old me, even though the old me existed within her head, she had no problems speaking to me out in the open "you have such unique taste." she says and lets a laugh escape her black lips, the other kids walking stare at her with cautiousness.

"Shut up and let me take back my body! Let me take over again! You don't belong! your name isn't Pandora, it's mine!" the old me yells within her head. Pandora hissed violently, a few of the kids passing her run quickly to get away from the deranged and wickedly dark girl.

"NO! This is my body now! My mind! Everything now belongs to ME! You are too weak and pathetic! you do not deserve to be on this earth, that is why I am here silly girl because you need me to fight your battles." Pandora argued back, "Now shut up Heaven, you are making me look crazy." Pandora said in a hushed tone.

For some reason, she had a different name for me, which was my middle name Heaven, I wasn't Pandora. No Pandora already existed so my name was changed to Heaven which is quiet funny since all of my nightmares are of me going straight to hell to suffer, what a wonderfully morbid contradiction.

Pandora approached the school grounds to Belmont High School, making her way over to what used to be my group of friends. She smiled as a little pixie girl with long choppy black hair and seriously ghostly pale skin ran over and hugged Pandora tightly.

"Finally Panda!!! You take too long to leave your house!" said the little pixie girl.

"Well I'm sorry Eza!" Pandora laughed, and hugged Ezabella tight "Want a smoke before classes start?"

Ezabella laughed and shook her head, "No, I'm good this morning."

Pandora nodded and walked with Ezabella over to their other friends; Jack and his twin sister Skylear, Drella, Bradley, and twin brothers Adam and Wesley. The group was known as the "emo's" because of how differently they dressed, how dark they were, and how none of them strayed away from the group except for Adam and Wesley since they both played sports. Adam was the football player and Wesley was the hockey player. Either way both were famous around the school.

Wesley grinned when he spotted Pandora and walked over to her, looping his arm around her waist and pulled her close. Wesley was 6 foot 3 inches tall, 210 lbs and his body mostly contained muscle. He had dirty blonde hair and a slight emo flip in the front but hell it looked sexy on the boy and beautiful blue-grey eyes. He towered over Pandora, since she was only 5 foot 5 inches and wouldn't be growing any taller, but she didn't mind.

Adam was the same build as Wesley but weighed about 5lbs more and was half an inch shorter then Wesley. The brothers hardly ever competed against each other when it came to sports or friends but when it came to Pandora, they competed to get her attention, unfortunately Adam had lost his chance because Wesley and Pandora were going 6 months strong as a couple, which was a big deal for Pandora since she never stayed with one guy for more than a month.

"Hey Panda" Adam said as Pandora and Wesley made it over to the rest of the group.

"Hey Cowboy." Pandora smiled at Adam. She had given him the nickname Cowboy when they first met in the 8th grade, Adam and Wesley had just moved to Belmont, New York a small country type town in the middle of no where New York and Adam was obsessed with The Dallas Cowboys football team.

Adam smiled and placed a kiss on her cheek, then walked away inside. Wesley glared and gripped tighter onto Pandora, she groaned and pulled away, "You need to chill Wes. Seriously!" without another word Pandora had gone inside with the rest of the group and disappeared in the crowd of 300 students to the library for her Literature class.

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