The Broken girl and The guy who loved her--chapter four

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Chapter Four--

It's Monday in this new town. I've met no one since the past few days I've been helping my mom out and fixing the house up. I hate school. No friends and what's worse is Pandora won't let me take control of my body on this first day of school.. When will I be able to get my body back from her? She isn't even the real Pandora! I am! dammit..

Pandora pulls on fish net leggings then a black skirt that stops mid thigh. Is she trying to make me look like a slut? I mean the skirt is cute but with the red leggings that cover my...her legs! Grr the down side of losing control to ur other side..other personality..

Pandora pulled on an Escape The Fate tee shirt and dark green converse to go with some of the green in the shirt design. Once again she damages her hair with a flat iron and applied dark eyeliner but in a very cute way to make my..her brown eyes stand out.

"Panda your goin to be late for your first day!" mom hollered up the stairs. Pandora groaned and gathered her black and white checkered bag, Hollywood Undead hoodie and ipod then left to go downstairs.

"Mom what the hell?! I told you to never call me panda again! What are you stupid or something?" Pandora screamed in her moms face then left the house, putting both head phones in and blasting Drown The City by A Skylit Drive while walking to the bus stop. She lived a little to far to walk to school which upset her but she needed to get over it.

Pandora didn't wait long because the bus rolled up not even ten minutes later to get her. she was the first pick up and would be the last drop off. She climbed into the bus and sat in the very back of the bus.

"I wouldn't sit there sweetheart, those are the football players seats and the cheerleaders sit with them." the bus driver explained. Pandora looked at him in an emotionless face, "does it look like I give a fuck about who sits here? And my name's Pandora not sweetheart." she said/asked before putting her head phones back in and blasting it louder; now listening to Bleeding Mascara by Atreyu.

"Why dont you move..I dont want my body getting bruised up even more because your being a bitch" I (Heaven) hissed inside her mind. Pandora laughed.

"shut up Heaven, people here will think your crazy" she whispered out loud.

The bus stopped and a large group of kids came on, they all took their seats and the bus moved again. It was like that the entire ride until the second to last bus stop of kids. Pandora felt eyes on her, the burning of someone staring bothered her so she pulled her head buds out and looked up, her eyes meeting a football player and by the looks of it he had to be the quarter back. Her heart skipped a beat which surprised her and me!

Pandora pulled the emotionless mask and spoke codly, "may you direct you annoying star somewhere else?" she snapped at him. The entire bus was watching and all that was heard were the gasps of surprised students that the new girl was talking harshly to the quarterback. Pandora didn't care what this guys label was, but she did care that he kept staring at her.

"Do I have to draw you a fucking sign you moron?! Stop fucking looking at me and take a different seat because I am not moving!" Pandora yelled, then watched as one of the other football players lunged at her.

The guy held her pinned to the escape door at the back of the bus and glared, "Dont talk to Russell that way bitch!"

Pandora glared and kneed him directly in the place it would hurt most, watching the pathetic guy instantly drop to the ground in fetal position whimpering from the pain. She started laughing.

"Don't you fucking dare ever touch me again! If you do I swear to everything wiccan that you will regret it!" she said with a slightly scary smirk on her lips. Taking her seat she put her head phones in and played her music again, feeling the bus move which meant the boys took a seat somewhere else. Good.

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