Chapter six

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Chapter six

Brent's POV:

When Russell told me it was Pandora in the back of that ambulance, the color drained from my face. No one in school or even my friends knew that I was asopted by my grandparents. My mom was only 15 when she had me but she didn't want to give up her party life so instead my grandma took me in as hers. Mom was in the picture until I was 3 then she disappeared. Cards and letters was what I got and even phone calls when they mattered but I hated my mom. She gave me away and then I find out when she was 18 she had another kid. Pandora.

***Flashback Brent 10yrs old***

"Grace please! You aren't mature enough to handle Pandora! She is 7 years old and you leave her around strange men! Please give her to me I will care for her and Brent will get to grow up with his sister.." grandma said as tears burned the rim of her eyes. I couldn't hear what my mom was saying but whatever she did say had brought my grandma into full sobs.

The phone call ended and my grandma looked at me, "Your sister wont be living with us anymore you need to go say good bye, your mother is on her way to pick her up." she explained. I knew my mom didnt want me or else grandma would be packing my things too. Pandora and I grew close when she started vising on summer vacations when she was 4 and I was 7. I left the room and found Pandora playing with her barbie dolls. She looked up at me and smiled

"can we play barbies brent?" Pandora asked so excitedly. I nodded and sat down with her. We played for about three hours, allsorts of games she wanted to play but then the fun came to an end when mom showed up with a strange guy. He looked similar to Pandora and then it clicked, he was her dad.

Pandora held my hand and didnt let go. She was scared and by the way she backed behind me, it seemed like she didnt want to leave.

"Pandora let's go daddy and I found a big house for us to live in. Say good bye to grandma and grandpa and your brother." mom said to her.

Pandora went to our grandparents and hugged them then came to me and hugged me tight. I hugged her back but we didnt let go until mom ripped pandora from me. She started screaming and cerying begging grandma to let her stay and that she would be a good girl.

I started crying and I went to run after her but grandpa got to me first and held me down. I screamed and cried reaching out for pandora but grandpa wouldnt let go. Pandora's dad threw her over his shoulder and walked out. Mom looked at me with cold eyes, "I never wanted you Brent. I only want Pandora." and with that she left. My cries doubled over into sobs.

***End of flashback*****

I was pulled out of a painful memeory when I felt Russell and Jake shake me. I didn't look at them I just stood up and grabbed my keys. They knew I was going to the hospital and I knew they were confused as to why I was going but they were going to find out soon enough.

Russell POV:

Jake and I followed Brent into his car and just sat confused as to why we were at the hospital. We knew for sure he didnt know Pandora so why is he paying her a visit. Getting out of the car, we followed silently, watching as Brent clenched his fists and was shaking.

Jake gave me a concerned look that I just returned with a confused one. We were both so out of the loop but as we entered the hospital it seemed like the show was about to begin because just then Pandora's mother saw Brent and went paler than white (if thats even possible).

"B-Brent w-what are y-you doing here?" Pandora's mom asked. WAIT! SHE KNOWS BRENT?!

This is deffinately going to get interesting.

Brent POV:

"B-Brent w-what are y-you doing here?" mom asked me, going paler than fucking white. Is she seriously that fucking stupid? Did she really forget that I still exist and live with grandma and grandpa? By now I was beyond pissed and all the hatred I held in for her was going to slip and I didnt care.

"YOU STUPID BITCH!!! WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO TO MY SISTER!! WHAT KIND OF FUCKING HELL DID YOU PUT MY BABY SISTER THROUGH!!??" I screamed at her, cenimeters from her face. She cowarded back and I growled. I didnt care I was going to tell her how much I hated her, I was going to have her feel the hate radiate off of my body and onto hers! I want her to suffer for all the years she made me suffer and for all the suffering she was putting Pandora through.

"Your a piece of shit parent, Grace. You subject your daughter to men at the age of 4! you rip her away from a stable home and away from me her big brother! You get a fucking restraining order against me so I couldn't find her! Because BITCH I WOULD HAVE TAKEN PANDORA AND RAN WITH HER JUST TO KEEP HER AWAY FROM YOU!! YOU ARE TO BLAME FOR HER BEING IN THAT HOSPITAL BED FIGHTING FOR HER LIFE!! ITS YOUR SHITTY PARENTING THAT HAS HER THERE AND I HAVE A FEELING ITS NOT THE FIRST TIME!!!" I tried to keep my voice low but finaly ended up screaming at her.

I watched as my 'mother' broke down crying, crumbling to the ground and trembling all over. I didn't care, I felt no guilt. I spit at the floor in front of her, "You disgust me. Your not a mother, never were and never will be and guess what MOM...I'm taking Pandora away from you and keeping her away from you and your filthy piece of shit men you bring around." I said in a low growl.

I walked past her and into Pandora's room taking a seat next to her bed. I took her hand in mine and softly whispered, "Sis you need to wake need to fight for me...its been cant leave me now..not when I'm just getting you back...not when I still need to protect you and help you get through whatever you need help in..." I felt the tears run down my face and I was trembling all over. I couldn't lose my baby sister..My only other family aside from our grandparents.


haha okay yea I know not a MAJOR twist but a twist none the less! Pandora has a brother! Well I will be updating this entire week because im off school! well maybe not tomorrow night since I have to work but! there will be frequent updates to come!

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