Chapter five

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**Author's note; Okay everyone. Sorry I haven't posted in a while. This long chapter is for Taylor, who I promised countless times that I would update and always became side tracked. So finally Tay, the next chapter for ya to read. Um this chapter gets pretty intense towards the end and I want everyone to know that yes some of you write stories about teen cutting and suicide and rape but have never experienced it, so you are just assuming what is happening or have heard from others but I've been through half the shit that Pandora/Heaven is going through in my story so everything I type that is intense is because I've been through some rough things that led me to think there was no other way and to those who know what its like..I'm sorry if this hits a nerve but please dont give up on the story, it has its good parts and it will get lighter as the story continues. Also if you can visualize what Pandora/Heaven is going through during the intsense parts or even the entire story then thats good because you will be able to feel what she feels and thats my objective, to get you readers to understand the emotion's she is facing. Well I'm done now. Here is the next chapter. VOTE ,COMMENT, FAN!!!

Chapter Five--

The School day went by fast and so did the news about the new girl threatening a football player. The school wasn't that big, only about 400 students; well now 401 since Pandora is attending the school. Pandora took her needed; math, science, history, English and physical education classes. The only elective she chose were, journalism and art since nothing else had peeked her morbid interests.

Pandora sat on the bus in the back with her feet on the seat so no one could sit next to her. She had her music playing and it was loud. How could she tell? Well everyone in the other seats closest to her were looking at her mortified at the type of music they were hearing from in front of her and across the small aisle to the other seats.

*******FLASHBACK: JOURNALISM**********

The last class of the day; Journalism.Pandora came in during the midst of the school year but she didnt care, her grades were good so all she had to do was start off from where everyone else around her was, no big deal. Well she was...WRONG.

"Alright class. so this quarter's project will be to write a short story on something that impacted your life making you who you are today. It can be about something bad, good, happy or sad. Only I will be reading it so don't be afraid to spill it all out onto paper." the teacher; Mrs.Graves explained.

Mrs.Graves was young, mid to late 20's possibly early 30's with long red hair that fell in a nice wave down to her mid-back. She had green eyes and a naturally tanned skin complexion, shi is a pretty teacher. All the boys sure seemed to think so by the way they drooled over her.

"This short story can be no longer than 30 pages but no shorter than 20 pages. It's due by the end of the 3rd quarter so don't wait last minute." Mrs.Graves said right before the bell rand and released everyone from their class rooms.

**********END FLASHBACK***************

Pandora was pulled out of her own trance when she felt someone touch her arm. Panic coursed through her veins and she immediately took action, gripping the persons arm and twisting it behind them, pinning them to the back escape door on the bus.

"DON'T EVER TOUCH ME AGAIN!!!" Pandora shouted, her eyes glaring murderously at the guy.

"Alright! I'm sorry! You were crying I wanted to know if you were fine! Shit!" the guy said. Pandora stepped away from the guy and touched her wet tear stained cheeks. She had been crying and didnt even notice.

Russell's POV

I leaned across the aisle and gently touched the new girls arm, noticing she was crying the entire bus ride. Normally my stop is the second one after leaving the school but I was going to my friend Jake's house who was the stop right before the new girl's. What could she be thinking about that is upsetting her? Does she even realize she's crying? It was so fast, I didnt even get time to ask her if she was ok because she had me pinned with my arm to my back against the bus.

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