The Broken girl and The guy who loved her

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Chapter Three--

The packing took three days and then the rest just seemed to take off from there. Pandora didn't say good bye to any of her other friends and she especially ignored Wesley when he came by to bid her goodbye.

Adam hadn't spoken to Pandora since that day at school and Pandora felt hurt at first but quickly shrugged it off and started to not give a damn because soon enough everything and everyone in Belmont, New York would be her past and Charlotte, West Virginia would be her present and possibly future if she liked the town enough to stick around.

Charlotte was just like Belmont, a country town, small with a population of 500 people. Only 200 more people then Belmont but still small, which meant everyone would know everyone but Pandora wouldn't know a single soul but everyone in that town would know who she was since in a small town, news tends to travel fast.

The drive was long when I wasn't the one driving but when mom switched off with me and let me take the wheel it seemed like the drive wasn't so bad. West Virginia had a lot of trees and some mountains but mostly trees and when we got close to the town there were farms about 20 miles apart from one another.

It was 4 in the morning as we pulled up into our 3 story house just on the outskirts of Charlotte. The house was white with black shutters and a navy blue door. The house looked only a few years old but still standing in really good shape. Pandora gave the faintest of actual smiles in the longest of times, she was liking the house which was surprising because the only things she ever took interest to are things her mother would describe as "morbid".

Gently shaking her mom, she whispered "Mom we are here. Wake up and lets go inside."

Her mother awoke from her light slumber and stepped out of the car like Pandora had and walked inside with her. The movers were sent ahead and all of their things were inside.

Climbing the stairs to the third floor, Pandora smiled at how it was basically like another house within a house.

There was a large bathroom, a large master bedroom with two walk-in closets, there was a huge living room type area and a small room that would fit for Pandora's office. Her faintest of smile grew slightly but then disappeared when her mother had made noise from behind her.

"So later I figured we could go to the hardware store and pick out some paint for your room then when its done we can move your bed in and you can unpack from there." her mother said in a slightly sheepish tone.

Pandora grinned ever so slightly and nodded, "Yeah sounds cool."

Her mother smiled and left Pandora to herself upstairs. Pandora's mattress was on the ground in the living room type area so she dug through some boxes finding her quilt and laid down. Her eyes lids closed and she drifted into a deep slumber.

Hours went by and Pandora's eyes fluttered open from her slumber. She felt some what groggy from the drive but she was prepared to wash it off in the shower. Her slumber was dreamless and nightmare less so she was able to get one some what descent night of sleep in days.

Pandora's eyes scanned each box until she found one that said "clothes" and opened it up, digging through it and pulled out her red and black candy cane stripped leggings and her black dress with her red converse and red hoodie. She laid her clothes on her mattress and left to take a shower.

In 20 minutes she was out of the shower and dried off getting into her outfit and applying the eyeliner and fixing her hair.

Quickly assessing herself in the mirror she pulled her zip up hoodie on and went downstairs to find her mom ready, they exchanged hello's then left for the hardware store.

"I hate these stupid people..they are staring like they've never seen new people before" Pandora growled lowly as she tried to look at the paints.

"Well they probably haven't and well maybe if you didn't dress so dang scary or weird then maybe they wouldn't gawk at my body" I said in her head.

Pandora hissed, "This is my body Heaven. Get used to it and shut up!" she said a bit too loud but didn't care and finished looking at the paints, finally deciding on black, white, and a dull gold.

Her mother didn't question the choice of colours and just paid for the cans and other paint supplies needed.

Getting everything into the car, Pandora sat in the passenger side and pulled her seat belt on then drove to her new house with her mom.

Pandora was secretly excited with an idea she had in her head of what her room was going to look like and once she was home, upstairs in her room on the third floor with all of her supplies and paints, she began to paint away.

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