The Broken girl and The guy who loved her--Chapter two

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Chapter two --

Pandora sat at her library table on her laptop surfing the internet for information about the Salem Witch Trials, her class was studying that specific time in history and how it effected the world and how society changed between then and present time. Pandora and I have very similar interests since we are the same person but she has a different personality then I do and her personality is stronger.

Her brown eyes quickly scanned across the articles she was reading falling deeper into the information she had discovered, the world around her disappearing as she continued reading until the hour class was over and the bell had sounded for everyone to head to their next class.

Saving the website, she closed up her laptop and packed up leaving the library and walking the halls. Pandora didn't remember what her next class was so she dug out her schedule and looked it over.

first hr: 11th grade Literature

second: Advanced History

third: Journalism

fourth: Art

fifth: Lunch

sixth: Chemistry

seventh: Trigonometry

eighth: Gym

A groan escaped from her lips as she slowed her pace to slightly faster then a snail's crawl making her way down the halls to her History class. She hated History, she wasn't failing but it was boring. A bunch of complete dry reading. The halls were clearing quickly as the end bell rang which told all the students to be in their classes but Pandora didn't care about being on time.

As Pandora walked through the empty halls making her way down the abandoned hall which was a short cut to get to History, something grabbed her attention on the stairs. Her class was upstairs but no one was allowed to use the abandoned hall let alone be in it but this is where all the "hook ups" happened.

Climbing the stairs something from the pit of her stomach told her she wasn't going to like what she saw but she still made her way up the stairs because her curiosity was far more powerful then her self-listening skills.

There was a little lets say plat form between the two flights of stairs before officially getting to the second floor and as she made it up to the plat form her eyes widened to the scene that played before her. Pain seethed her heart like this morning in her bedroom as her brown eyes rested on Wesley kissing Ezabella.

Tears and sadness filled her quickly as Wesley and Eza both looked over at Pandora.

Wesley quickly stepped away from Eza and stepped over towards Pandora.

"'s not what it looks like." he said.

"Then what is it Wes? because honestly it looks to me that what I just was is what it looks like!" she shouted at him, tears spilling over down her cheeks.

Wesley flinched back a bit but looked at her with apologetic eyes, "I'm sorry baby girl..I'm so sorry" he said

Pandora's sadness quickly changed to rage and she felt her hand raise and instantly connect with his face slapping him, the sound of the slap echoing ever so slightly "Your not sorry! You are just sorry that you got caught cheating on me!" she now screamed at him.

Wesley stepped back away from Pandora, his hand holding his cheek that was hot and stinging from the slap she had just given him.

Ezabella ran over and glared at Pandora, "Don't you dare hit him like that again!" she screamed

Pandora's lips curled up into a wickedly scary grin as her eyes seemed to change from brown to black. Her fingers curled up, her hands turning into a fist as she pulled back and slammed her fist into Ezabella's face, hearing a crack sound coming from Eza's nose and pure crimson red blood gushing out of the broken nose.

"You stupid whore, you can have this piece of trash because I am done with him and I am done with you" she hissed then turned and walked away.

Ezabella cried from the pain and ran to the nurse blood drops landing on the floor. Wesley was stunned but finally came to his senses and ran after Eza. Adam was secretly watching from upstairs and witnessed everything but he had been hurt from Pandora last year that he just walked off pretending, attempting to go on with his day as if he hadn't witnessed the scene in the hall.

Pandora walked off school grounds, not going home but walking the small town then to the lake where every summer all the kids would go to hang out and cool off from the hot sun. It was too cold to go swimming since it was the middle of November, the nice autumn weather coming to a end soon and the harsh New York winter weather approaching.

Dropping her bag onto the ground she sat down and stared at the water blasting "F*ck The World" by Insane Clown Posse then "Black Dahlia" by Hollywood Undead into her ears.

She didn't know how much time had passed by and took a peek at the time realising that she was sitting there for almost three hours, listening to various artists after listening to her two songs a while back.

"Guess it's time to go home..F*cking wonderful" Pandora murmured.

Standing to her feet, Pandora walked at a medium pace all the way to her house. When she rounded the corner to her street and neared her house she noticed the police where there, curiosity once again arose and Pandora nearly skipped inside to find out what the cops wanted this time.

"Mom I'm home!" she yelled, dropping her bag at the foot of the stairs.

"In the Kitchen Pandora" mom spoke back.

Pandora walked into the kitchen to find her mom and two police officers standing in the kitchen.

"What's going on?" she asked

Her mother looked at her and sighed, "We are moving Pandora. These Police officers gave me an option and I chose to move us away from here. How could you assault Ezabella? You've already gotten assault charges pressed on you because of Chrissie Meyer." Her mother questioned in a pleading way.

Pandora shrugged, "Ezabella is a whore and Wesley is a cheating piece of trash. She deserved to get punched. I'll be upstairs packing." without saying another word Pandora went upstairs and blasted her ipod radio so that the floors and walls vibrated, then the packing began.

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