☠Day Three - Part III: Betrayal☠

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Nila and Hassin rushed to Sakura's aid the moment Bobby collared them. "I think you'll be fine," Nila said to Sakura with a smile on her face. "The bandage isn't too tight is it?"

Sakura shook her head. Her eyes fixated on the white bandage. "It's fine."

"It will need changing in about two days," Hassin explained. "If the bandage gets wet or dirty, then it will have to be even sooner."

Yuzuko pounced on the Indian nurses and hugged them in unison. "Thank you so much."

"No problem," Hassin said. "It's part of our job. I recommend you eat some more fruit and proteins to help your skin regenerate quicker."

Nila nodded. "I'm sure I saw some fruit trees up on Mt. Ivan. I'll go and get them."

"Wait!" Hassin cried out, yanking her arm towards him. "That's not a good idea."

"Trust me," Nila requested with a smile. She patted on her colleague's shoulder. "I'll be fine. Just trust me."

"We all trust you, Nila. I just don't trust those robots and I don't trust Sia and what she has in store for us."

"I know, but we're all friends here. We need to help each other."

"Then let me come with you."

Nila turned away. "No. I'll be fine on my own." She grabbed her bag and began her trek to the mountains. It couldn't have been far, the mountain was right ahead and she could see the silhouette of trees.

By the time she reached the top, she reckoned it was about noon. Her stomach was rumbling louder than her panting breaths. She stopped to have a rest under the apple tree. A mere few seconds after catching her breath, robots popped their head out of the bushes.

One robot jumped out and tiptoed towards Nila with a thunderous grin. "I spy with my little eye something beginning with H..."

Nila whipped her crowbar out and whacked the robot in the face. When it fell to the ground, the other robots from its group bounced out of the bushes. The ones closer to Nila ganged up on her. Ducking down, Nila headbutted one of them in the stomach to make way for an escape.

Rushing to the edge of the cliff, in theory, was a stupid idea. For someone as highly intelligent at Nila, it was a bad move, but she had a plan. A quick look at the glistening lake gave her hope. As the surviving robots catch up with her, she climbed into the large dent. The dent was like a little cave which as about her bedroom in the slums.

Nila held on the holes on the cliff and hugged the rocks right as one by one, the robots fell into a watery grave. Convinced they were all gone, Nila returned to the tree to pick up some apples. "Now I wish you did come with me, Hassin."

Once she filled her bags with apples, a man's voice called her from the top of the trees. The man had a Scottish accent, but she could only see his black shoes and slim trousers poking out. "Awright Nila !"

"Yes! Hello? Who's there?"

"I cannae tell ye." Nila struggled with the Scottish dialect and the rustling branches, but she could understand some of the words. "Ye see ah wirk fur Professor Denki. Yin o' his wee robots git kidnapped, bit that wee boot Sia Bucks." 

"That's awful." Nila thought about all the robots that helped her at work: they were all made in Professor Denki's factories. "Not all robots are bad."

"As far as a'm concerned robots 'n' folk ur bonny similar. Ah mean a' o' us ur living creatures, even if some o' us wur manmade."

Nila became curious. "Were you manmade?"

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