Part 9 ; Unbelievable

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•°• Skip Times, Y/n POV •°•

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•°• Skip Times, Y/n POV •°•

"Y/n, where do you want to go at this time?" I turned back and looked at him. "I want to meet someone" I give Taehyung a smile on my face. "Ohh really? But can I know who is it?" What's wrong with Tae now?Why he want to know who was I want to meet?

"Someone special" I smiled at him again then I went to go but he grabbed my hand. "I will go with you today." I am astonished by his behavior today but what is the reason? Maybe Taehyung still worries about me. "O-okay??"

Once we arrived at the destinations, I started to smile when I saw someone was waiting for me there. I really missed him and I ran towards him. Yes, he was Park Jimin. "Jiminah~!!"

I hugged him. "Long time no see, my princess" Jimin huge me back and kisses my forehead. Maybe people will misunderstand my relationship with Jimin now even though he is my ex fiance.

But Jimin is my best friend and he always by my side when I was sad. Wait!! I almost forget about Taehyung who was behind us.

I broke the huge. "Oh! Jimin. This is my friend, Taehyung. And Tae, this is my friend aka ex fiance" I feel weird about Jimin and Taehyung now. Why are they looking at each other. I mean, like wanting to kill each other?

"Nice to meet you, Jimin" Shit, why I should action good at this stupid jerk now? Jimin is a former y/n fiance? What the-?? Engaged with Mafia Boss!? Why I do not know about this? "Nice to meet you too, Taehyung" His smile, that is not a smile but smirk!

•°•[CN Coffee Shops]•°•

"As we all gather here, I want to invite you both to the launch of my company's new project tonight. So I hope you both can come to my company's party" Said Jimin to us but Taehyung just kept silent since we got in the coffee shop. Why?

"Woah, congratulations Jimin. I'll come to your company council and how about you, Tae?"

He looked at me then Jimin. "Yeah yeah, I will come too and thanks for invited us to your company council" He smile at Jimin and me. "Great! I will wait for you guys tonight. 8pm"

And I still wonder why Taehyung suddenly had no mood since he met Jimin. And about Jungkook now? I want to kill myself.

I can not reach him since I see he kissing Lisa at his office. I know I'm so stupid because still love him even though Jungkook was cheating on me with Lisa, my best friend.

What I should do now with them? Agh!! I hate this feeling! It's hurt. "Y/n?? Y/n???" I went back to reality after I heard Taehyung's voice. "Are you okay?" Asked Jimin and I just nodded my head.

°•°<[JP Group Company, Hall]>°•°

°•°<[JP Group Company, Hall]>°•°

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