I take a step towards him, he clears his throat. "Okay, I will make sure to not be tardy." Tardy? Really, Scarlet, who even uses the word tardy these days?

My choice of words earn a smile from Xavier, "Tardiness is rather rude, isn't it, Love?"

At that I smile; he gives a slight nod, "Goodnight, Scarlet." Before I could reply he's gone. He's dissolved into the darkness just as the sun does every day of its life.

I should probably close the door and, most importantly, go check on Syd. "Sydney, I'm back." I manage to multitask as I close the door and call out for my sister whilst removing my shoes.

She doesn't answer; why isn't she answering? Should I be concerned or at ease? Should I call again or just barge into her bedroom and demand her to answering me?

I opt to call out once more, "Syd, where are you? I'm home." I stand there; one, two, three, four, five seconds pass and she still hasn't answered. That's it, I'm going to march upstairs and I'm going to check up on her.

Determination clear in my strides as I climb up the stairs. I reach her bedroom door and knock three times. She doesn't answer. "Syd, I'm home, are you okay?"

I'm giving her five seconds before I open the door myself. I hope she didn't have a panic attack.

Two seconds barely pass and I'm already stepping into her bedroom. I am a very impatient person. I can't handle waiting for anything; waiting is so boring and overrated. People say if you wait for something it builds suspense and makes the ending so much better; to that I say bull shit. Waiting only prolongs the inevitable, so why waste time when time is already limited?

I stop dead in my tracks, even the voice in my head goes silent because before me is Sydney curled up in a ball on her reading chair next to her window.

I should've been home earlier, she was probably stressed out of her mind. I step forward, walking as slowly as my feet will allow me- I can't make a noise or she'll wake up. Yet, I shouted and stomped up the stairs before knocking on her door and she's still asleep!

I pull the book from her lap, placing face-down it on her desk- still open on the page she was reading. I turn and slide off her glasses.

I pull the purple, fluffy blanket off her bed and drape it over her sleeping body. She deserves the starts and the moon, I just hope that I am able to erase all the pain from her life. Delete the paragraphs of scribbled, black words that only mean harm. The words that are too stubborn to part with her mind.

Just as I'm about to turn and step out the room, I hear a banging sound coming from the front door. My back stiffens. The hairs on my arms rise. My heart. My heart beats faster. Faster. Faster until it's as loud as the banging coming from the front door.

Instinctively my eyes fall shut. I clench my fists, draw in a breath and open my eyes. It might be Xavier, wanting his hoodie back or wanting to spend the night because the rain is falling down with less mercy than what it had hours before.

Calm down, Scarlet Rose, calm down. It's Xavier, who else could it be?

I take in one last breath and leave Sydney's bedroom. I pull the door closed and force my scared feet to move towards the source of their frightened state.

Thunder strikes. My heart stops beating. My limbs jump. My feet stop moving. The lights flicker. The bang on the door only grows louder and more desperate.

One, two, three, four steps and I'm in front of the door. Bang. This person is becoming impatient. Bang. More aggressive with their knocking. Bang. More present with their need to come in. Bang. Bang. Bang. BANG.

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