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Caitlyn du Preez By Caitydp Updated Feb 29

It's the year 2085 and it's been two years since the end of The Big War. Everything has changed. The governments of the world have merged and re-formed to set an international list of laws. 


Scarlet Rose Dankworth, a sixteen year old girl, is on the brink of losing her mind. Every night a mysterious noise haunts her and she's the only person who hears it, that is until Xavier re-enters her life. 

Scarlet is determined to discover the cause behind this noise and Xavier has promised to help her. 

Is there more to the noise than what they originally think?


Xavier Alexander Grayson MacQuoid is a nineteen year old boy who has lost his father in the war.

While stumbling through the forest one evening he hears this unbearable noise. He makes the decision to investigate leading him to his reunion with Scarlet. 

Together they will make a discovery that'll change everything. 


As I make my way back to bed I hear it, the loud, screeching sound. Instinctively my hands shoot up to cover my ears. My heart racing, slamming hard against my sternum. 

      Glancing around the room frantically, I see nothing peculiar. I slide my now shaking hands from my ears to my face. It is hot underneath my fingertips that have grown cold from fear. The noise is now a mere whisper in the background; taunting me. 

I raise my left arm until it's in line with my eyes, I stare at my watch seeing that it's almost twenty past one in the morning. I let out a sigh and continue walking. Suddenly I hear this unbelievable, high pitched noise. I slam my palms hard against my ears attempting to block out the noise; and fail. The noise is unbearably loud, it feels as though it's part of me, as though it's coming from within me. 

      It dies down, but doesn't stop completely. Tentatively I remove my palms from my ears, returning them to my sides. I hastily turn and start running West, towards the noise.