Chapter 6:

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The thunder has crept back into its hiding place by the time the wind started picking up again. The rain has started falling down harder, abusing the soft ground as it smashes itself onto it, dissolving into nothing. Driving the silence away with it's selfish desire to be heard.

      Scarlet and I haven't talked much since the loud clap of thunder hit the now deceased tree, still gripping the earth nearby.

      I am completely lost in thought, as is Scarlet. At least I think so, she is staring out the window absentmindedly, whilst humming a song foreign to my ears. I like it though, it's a sweet melody fighting against the rain to be heard. I wouldn't mind hearing it more often, especially before bed.

      My mom used to sing to me before going to bed when I was younger. Some days I wish I were back in those days, where both my parents were around; happy. When mom used to sing me to sleep every night without hesitation. But, I am not going to lie and say I'm not happy with what I have in my life. Yes, I lost my father. Yes, I still feel the pain as if it happened yesterday. Yes, I feel as though I can't go on some days, but at the end of the day I have more than what I need. I have a loving mother and a sister who brightens my day - even those that seem to be darker than darkness itself. I love my family and I know they love me; I have more than enough to be happy.     

      I turn my eyes back to the conflicted outdoors and just listen; I need to think about something else before I start brooding about things that aren't important at all. Scarlet has stopped humming at this point. I welcome the sound of the howling wind and shouting rain with my whole being, unlike most, I enjoy this result of the war. It brings me hope that maybe, just maybe there is a future for us lost causes.

      See, I think that the rain is a blessing from some higher power. I don't exactly believe in God, but I do believe that there is someone up there, in the sky, controlling everything. I believe that there has to be some form of higher power. There is this whole world in the universe just waiting to be discovered, so how can there not be a higher power, how can there not be a higher power that's looking down on us, protecting us?

      The reason I say the rain is a blessing, is that every drop erases what was once present before taking its place. It wipes the land clean. It cleans the canvas, providing a blank one for the day to come. It gives us a clean slate, the opportunity to have a fresh start and become better. To improve on our weaknesses and make the world better for everyone in it, albeit a slight change today it impacts tomorrow; we don't always realize the impact we have be it on other people or the earth itself.

      I mean, look how much the world has changed. There used to be seven continents on this earth, but now there's only four. Even so, they aren't really continents as our ancestors knew them. They are a lot smaller and are far apart from each other, making international traveling near impossible- it takes a lot longer than what it used to. People go away for moths rather than weeks.

      The rain washes away the past, creating space for the future. It welcomes the possibility of growth and change with open arms, yet we choose to see it as something horrid. We see it as a burden we have no choice but to carry. We abuse the power it grants us and choose to despise it. We therefore turn a blind eye to change, to a better future.

      If we just embrace the past instead of acting as i- Scarlet breaks the not-so-silent silence still present around us. Her voice is almost inaudible, owing to the rain demanding to be heard just beyond the safety of the vehicle, "Xavier, how much longer do you think this rain will last?" Worry clear in her voice.

      I turn my body to face hers, "To tell you the truth I honestly have no idea. It could be a matter of minutes or hours before the clouds dry out."

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