Chapter 1:

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I wake up from my slumber, the white light of the moon streaming into my room from the half open curtains, they are adjacent to the bed. Groggily, I stretch feeling my joints pop as I pull them whilst wiggling my fingers at the ceiling. A yawn that's freshly coated with the essence of sleeplessness escapes my mouth. Rubbing my eyes with the back of my hand I notice the slight movement of the curtains, "It's just the breeze." I murmur to myself. Reaching out to turn my alarm clock, I feel my un-popped knee joints pop as I stretch out my lazy arm in attempts to look at the time. Big, yellow numbers flash back at me. "01:15," I read aloud, so softly that my ears strain to hear.

      I slowly peal the covers off my body, feeling the sharp cold as the breeze, that's creeping in through the window, trails its fingers over my newly bare limbs. I suck in a jagged breath, bracing my soft, warm feet for the tiles.

      One toe, my big toe, is first to lay itself on the tiles, followed by the ball of my foot then eventually my whole foot. My other foot follows, going through the same procedure.

      Standing now, out of bed, I am somewhat aware of the cold tiles burning beneath my feet.

      Subconsciously, I take a step forward towards the breeze, towards the cold. I gaze out the window that overlooks the large, dense forest surrounding my house. There's movement amongst the trees. I simply brush it off as the breeze dancing through the tree branches.

      After what feels like a solid five minutes I reach out and close the window, wondering how and why I had forgotten it open. I turn on my heels, away from the eerily silent land.

      As I make my way back to bed I hear it, the loud, screeching sound. Instinctively my hands shoot up to cover my ears. My heart racing, slamming hard against my sternum.

      Glancing around the room frantically, I see nothing peculiar. I slide my now shaking hands from my ears to my face. It is hot underneath my fingertips that have grown cold from fear. The noise is now a mere whisper in the background; taunting me.

      Adrenaline rushes through my veins as I rush to my nightstand. Words escape my lips in a harsh whisper. "Where is it?" I curse under my breath realizing that what I'm searching for is standing on the vanity table behind me.

      "Ah, here it is," I say clicking on the flashlight. A bright luminescence shoots out illuminating the white walls, covered in posters and pictures of my friends and I, of my bedroom. Clicking the flashlight once more, I give my eyes time to adjust to the sudden darkness enveloping my room. The only light now within my room being that from the moon.

      I reach out a hand to the hook behind the door; next to the vanity table. I recover a thick, long, navy blue trench coat from it. I pull it on, thankful for the layer of material hugging my bare skin, protecting me from the harsh cold. I slip the flashlight into the left pocket of my coat.

      "One, two, three..." I count aloud. I continue counting until I reach ten; I then reach out to open the door. Peeping down the hallway, left then right. Satisfied I'm the only one awake in the house I step out my room, drawing the door closed behind me; it closes with a soft click. I start walking left, towards the staircase. I pass the bathroom then Sydney's bedroom as I creep towards the stairs.

      I make my way downstairs and come to the realization that my feet are still bare. I sigh and continue climbing down the stairs, almost falling when reaching the bottom. I almost missed the last step thanks to the darkness that is greedily obscuring my view.

      I reach the front door; the kitchen is just to the right of the stairs, the front door just ahead of them. I'm grateful to see a pair of boots -Sydney's I presume- standing next to the door. I slip them on and open the door.

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