Chapter 3:

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I'm back in bed, watching the velvety sky hide its diamonds as it turns into a soft blue-grey colour. After returning home from the forest, I couldn't bring myself to sleep, despite my body's exhausted state.

      As soon as my head hit my pillow I unintentionally start re-living the events from earlier. The images materialize in my mind and disappear as soon as I try analyzing them. I try repeating Xavier and my conversation in my head and fail, simply because I have poor memory when tired.

      I yawn as I stretch my tense limbs. My arms fall limp beside my body. The room is filled with a reddish-pink hue, only further indicating my body's lack of rest. I roll over to my side and fix my stare at my closed window, revelling in the calm scene before me. Minutes pass, the silence within my room starts to diffuse into sound as the world awakens around me. I shut my eyes, welcoming the sound as it increases in volume. The corners of my mouth curl up slightly, I draw in a deep breath and challenge my memory yet again.

      Nothing; that's what I see in my mind. I release the drawn in breath and try again. Nothing, absolutely nothing. My mind is a black hole that's already swallowed the stars surrounding it, taking my memories with it. I'm confident it will spit out the contents it's consumed as time ticks by; I will then be able to recall what so stubbornly is deciding to hide away in my mind. With each attempt at coaxing the memories to come alive, my smile evaporates and eyebrows grow closer together.

      Finally frustrated, I throw my sheets off my body and drop my feet to the tiles. I pad to my window and stare out it, noticing the sun poking its almost yellow head over the luscious green trees guarding the property. I reach out and open the window, happily greeted by the morning breeze. A smile forms on my lips, I lean forward and rest my elbows on the windowsill slowly lowering my head to my open palms. The wind softly whispers the earths secrets, carrying the voices of outspoken animals. As I studiously listen to the wind, I am suddenly interrupted by a loud metallic clang coming from downstairs.

Sydney must be up, I think to myself. Before heading downstairs I slide my gaze over the living painting before my eyes, taking in the serene feeling it convinced my body to feel.

      As I step down the last step, the smell of something burning slaps me in the face. Hesitantly I walk to the kitchen where the smell seems to be strongest. I enter, only to find it looking as if it's been hit by a hurricane.

"Syd, what on earth did you do to the kitchen?" I try stifling my laugh, but fail miserably.

      A snort escapes me as I walk towards the sink, which is directly in front of me, while stepping over Sydney. I grab a glass from the drying rack and place my palm on the base of the tap; the heat from my hand activates the pumping system which, in turn, pushes the water out of the tap itself. The crisp, filtered water flows into the glass with a steady stream; the water is cold owing to the fact that I activated the cooling system when placing my palm to the right of the tap's base.

      Cold washes down my throat as I drink form the glass.  I turn and jump onto the countertop, returning my focus to my sister, who is stupid for not just using the food generator our parents installed years ago; they worked a lot which caused them to be away from home three nights of the week.

      Sydney, who's kneeling on the floor, looks up at me. "I tried making breakfast, but you know how terrible I am at cooking," she says frowning.

      I can't hold in my laughter. I burst into a laughing fit, almost feeling bad for my sister and her lack of cooking skills. "Shame, thank you for trying, but I think it's best if you stick to cereal. That way you don't burn our house down!"

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