Chapter 2:

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"03:29," the clock above my car radio tells me as I pull into the garage. I turn off the engine and make my way out the pick-up. I close the garage door by placing my palm to the sensor on the wall beside the garage door and walk towards the front door. I reach the step that joins the porch to the grass; I take a seat on the step instead of going inside. I draw in a breath and close my eyes as the images of the day I will never forget start chasing each other around in my head.

      BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. I stretch out and slam the snooze button as my alarm clock screams me out of sleep. I settle back into bed as my alarm calms itself for another five minutes. As I dose off my alarm robs me of sleep once more. I sigh and turn it off. I fling the blanket off my sweaty body and drop my feet to the ground, feeling the cold from the tiles climb into my body and travel from my feet to my fingertips as it cools my boiling blood. I make my way to my bedroom door and quietly open it. I know I'm the only one awake because Mom and Quinn only wake up at six in the morning; it's currently half past four, the time at which I always start my day.

      I stride down the passage seeing Mom's room to my right. I can't fight the urge taking over my body to step into her room and make sure she's alright. I reach for the door handle and push the already open door to allow a larger opening to form, granting me entrance into the room. My eyes land upon Mom's dormant body, moving rhythmically to the tunes of her breathing. She's lying peacefully on her side with her hand resting on top of her leg. I walk towards her bed and place a gentle kiss on her forehead, silently saying I love you. I rise from my crouched position and scan the room; a habit that's developed since dad left. Satisfied that all appears normal, I turn and quietly walk back to the door closing it slightly, leaving it open in such a way that a slit of light swallows the darkness in her bedroom.

      I take a few more steps down the passage before reaching Quinn's room on my left. The urge to check-up on Quinn posses my body more strongly than the prior urge that took over me. I reach out, opening her door only to find her tiny body curled up in a ball atop her pink bed. Resting my shoulder against the doorframe and crossing my arms over my bare chest, I can't help but smile when I see her in such a  peaceful and quiet state, which is something rare considering she's one giant ball of energy that can't seem to stop talking. I relieve the doorframe from its duty to support me and reassign the duty to my feet then walk forward, almost tripping over one of her dolls lying of the floor. Once I reach her bed I crouch down and tuck her in. I place a kiss on her head. She moves her head slightly then her eyes flutter open, "Xavie, is that you?" She asks in a sleep drenched voice.

I smile, "Yes, it's me. Go back to sleep it's not time to get up yet." I whisper gently running my callused hand over her smooth adolescent skin, pushing her chocolate brown curls from her forehead. I rise and look down lovingly at her once more.

"Okay," she says closing her eyes. "I love you, Xavie." She exhales strongly form her nose before returning to the place of endless possibilities and peace where I pulled her out of; Dreamland.

I walk towards the door, "I love you too, Quinn." I whisper and pull the door closed.

      I continue walking down the passage. It leads to the spacious living room that holds two long couches and two single ones. They are placed around the coffee table that houses our family album. Past the couches is the dining room table. To the right of the table is the kitchen, the whole house is an open-plan house which makes it easy to get around.

      I walk into the kitchen and place my palm on the sensor on the wall. I hear the soft beep of the heat sensor going off as my body warmth seeps into it, causing the light to fade into reality. I smile when I see the cupcake sitting comfortably on the kitchen island; next to it rests a letter with my name on it. It's written in Quinn's still developing handwriting. I fold it in half and put the cupcake into the fridge. I grab a mug from the dishwasher and pour water into it, placing my palm on the base of the mug activating its heating properties. Our mugs are self-heating, a modern invention that helps save electricity, this is ultimately to reduce pollution since our ancestors clearly didn't give two shits about the environment. So, now we have to take drastic measures to fix their mistakes.

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