Chapter 8:

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As Xavier had predicted the rain has returned. We had just pulled into my driveway when the first of the drops descended onto the already saturated earth.

Currently, him and I are sitting in a somewhat comfortable silence - listening to the rain. We haven't spoken since he playfully nudged my shoulder, not that I had any desire to converse with him further. I was, and still am, so stressed about Sydney that I don't want to talk. I'm just grateful Xavier hasn't pushed me to talk.

I stare down at my intertwined hands; my left thumb rubbing the back of my right hand. "I think you can make a run for it." Xavier calmly states before turning to look at me in the dark.

"Thank you," I whisper, looking up to meet his stare. "I really appreciate it."

An uncharacteristically shy smile appears on his face, "I'm happy to have helped in any way, Scarlet." His confidence must have returned because the shy smile has evolved into a radiant, confident one.

I can't help but return his smile, but mine isn't as radiant. "I think this is one of those rare times that I actually agree with you," I let out a huff of air in the form of a laugh. "I think that I can make a run for it in this rain."

He moves a hand to squeeze my shoulder, "Don't go getting sick, Love. You promised to take me along tomorrow on your little adventure." His eyes are practically twinkling with excitement. "You should probably head inside before the rain starts pouring down and you can't make it inside without getting completely drenched."

I give him a small smile, "Yeah, I probably should go. I have to check up on my sister. She's been home alone this whole day," I release a laugh. "At least the house is still standing, so that's a positive sign that she didn't destroy it while I was away." I joke, trying to uplift my own mood.

He releases my shoulder before opening his door. "What are you doing?" The confusion in my tone is quite evident, as I contort my face to match my tone.

Xavier only glances at me; his eyes smile at me before he's out of his pick-up and into the rain. I have no clue what he's doing or why on earth he went outside because he's just going to get sick and I am the one who's supposed to be getting out, not him.

The next thing I know a blur of black and white appears by my side of door, I literally get the biggest fright of my life. The figure gently opens the door- it's Xavier. Obviously it's him Scarlet who else would it be Bigfoot? "C'mon, if you stay out here any longer you'll get sick because of the cold. Let me walk you to the door."

He reaches out his hand angling it towards me, for me to grab I assume. I take his hand, almost hesitantly. He closes the door behind us and starts running to my front door, pulling me along with him.

Cold is the first word that comes to mind when the rain attacks my body. A brisk wind whiffs past us, enhancing the Siberian-like temperatures of the rain.

I absolutely hate feeling hot, so this weather is not off putting to me. I love the cold and all the perks that come with it- drinking hot tea the whole day is definitely one of them.

Xavier gets us to the front door in a matter of seconds. His hand in mine is the only thing keeping me warm at this point.

My numb fingers grip the door handle, weakly pulling it down. I step forward, warmth attacking my damp skin. I turn on my heels to face Xavier.

Xavier is standing outside, shaking the wet strands of hair atop his head. Once satisfied he looks up at me, "I'll be here around nine tomorrow morning." I can see him thinking, I just don't know what he's thinking about- I wish I could read minds to be honest, wouldn't that be neat.

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