Chapter 7:

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It's been close to four hours since the rain has started and it has not subsided since. Xavier has been quiet since I called him out for staring; that was two hours ago.

      When he reached over to grab my hand my heart stopped, I was not expecting him to do that. It was pleasant though, having his warmth heating my cold hands. I didn't let go of his hand after he grabbed it, having his hand in mine just felt normal.

      I don't think it means anything, if it did then I would've known. I would've felt something more. Xavier is attractive and a nice guy, but you can't start developing feelings for a person in a matter of days; this is real life, not a romance novel.

      My thoughts direct themselves to one person, and it's not Xavier- thank goodness, he's been occupying my brain for the majority of the day. He's sitting next to me, I don't need to be thinking about him as well. See, I may have a slightly cynical view on love, but I have been in love before.

      I've only been in one serious relationship and that was with the infamous Timothy Jordan James; Strongwater's very own bad boy. He has an edgy character, but is proper nonetheless. To the outside world he looks like a total "bad boy". His appearance screams "I mess around with all those desperate girls and I have little to no respect for people around me."

      It's true, in a sense. He doesn't have respect for those around him, not unless you're important to him.

      Him and I were together for quite some time. A year and a half, to be exact, I know it's not that long considering some relationships last longer than twenty years, at least that's what I've head.

      Timothy and I are complete opposites, which is why we called it quits in the end I guess. He was quite controlling at times, that didn't sit well with me because I'm very independent. I believe that women don't need men to do anything for them as we are all equals.

      Gender inequality has been an issue for such a long time, but I'm grateful that it's vastly improved compared to how it was many years ago. Women actually have a chance to freely express their opinions without being called "anti-men". We finally have a say in what we do with our bodies and in what wear.

      Yet, there is still the problem of men thinking they're superior. They still have that frustrating mindset of women not being equal to them. I firmly believe that there isn't much that differs between the two genders. Yes, physically we are different for instance; men are taller and have completely different muscular structures, but that doesn't mean women can't do what men do.

      At the end of the day we are all human, so why should one human being have more power or rights over another? Just because they have a penis and are physically stronger does not determine their "importance" according to the unrealistic standards of society. Women don't want to be treated like men, we want to be treated as equals and have the same rights as what a human being with a penis does.

      We want to be accepted for who we are and not have to change because men think we're not "pretty" or "skinny" enough for them. All we want is for everyone, in this world, to be treated as equals because we are all the same aside from men having a penis and women having a vagina. Just because they have a penis does not mean they have the right to order people around; it doesn't give them the right to control anyone other than themselves, which -might I add- they can't even do successfully themselves.

      Don't get me wrong, not all men have that mindset, but it still exists. It is still something that's moderately popular amongst the male gender and society. Some females are also to blame, they conform to the stereotypes society has incorrectly forced into our minds, only deepening the problem.

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