He Proposes

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You feel something trip down into your lap and look down to see a crumpled piece of paper. You look over to your boyfriend who is sat next to you during your in university lecture and give him a puzzled look but all he does is gesture for you to open it, so you do. Scrawled in pencil are the words 'Marry Me?'. A huge smile spreads across your face and you scribble your reply , 'Why Wouldn't I!'. You pass him the note back and clasp his hand. Never had you been more happy.


"Ashy nooooo don't," you squeal as your boyfriend, Ashton, leans over the barrier that stops him from falling off the top platform of the Eiffel Tower. He just laughs but stops leaning over and gets everyone's attention but shouting ahem, people turned to look and suddenly he gets down on one knee and says "(Y/FULL/N) I have always loved you and will continue to love you so will you do me the greatest honour a man could ever get and be my wife?"

Instead of words, you crash your lips onto his and then whisper into them "I think this is a yes!" People all around you start cheering and share their congrats in your language and in French .


You and Michael are out for a romantic dinner on your birthday when you feel Michaels hand on your leg under the table and swat it off only for him to put it back but this time with a box. You take the box and open it, gasping you look up to Michael who asks "Will you be my Mrs Clifford?" You nod tearing up and Michael slides the ring on your finger and the staff give you a free pudding each as congratulations!


You and Calum were have a snuggled movie day together when Calum got up to get popcorn. When he returns you dive straight in and continue watching your favourite movie (Mean Girls) when you dip your hand in and come across a ring.

"Look Cal they gave us a ring in the popcorn !" He turns to look and face palms."what ?"

"They didn't give us a ring dumbass," this clearly didn't go as smoothly as he planned,"I put it in there so are you gonna marry me or not?"

"Of course I will," You squeal and plant a big kiss on Calums Lips. later you post a picture on Twitter with the caption "guess who's gonna be Mrs Hood?" The fans instantly responded congratulating you both.

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