You Both Find Out Your Pregnant

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Calum -

You walk out of the bathroom with the test in your hands to find Calum sitting on your bed you shared together, a huge smile appears on your face and you don't even have to say any words as Calum understood what that smile meant and gives you a bear hug. You had been trying to get pregnant for months and today was the day you finally did and nothing could make you happier until Calum asks you a question.

"Is there anything you would change about yourself (Y/N)?"

"My nose, why is there something you want to change about me?"

"Actually yes, your last name to Hood!"

Michael -

You and Michael are skyping as Michael went on tour about two weeks ago and your just having a general chitchat.

"Oh yeah guess what I got you from the stadium babe?"questions Michael.

"What babe?"

"This!!" Michael practically screams and shows you a teddy bear with the words "Wembley Stadium" sewn across its chest.

"Aww thanks babe and I have something to show you as well!" You show him the pregnancy test with the 2 pink lines on it indicating you are pregnant.

"Oh... God... Yes...." Michael almost whispers and then suddenly shouts "I'm going to be a Dad" at which the boys come running and start slapping him on the back and congratulating the pair of you, and the whole time Michaels smile never left his lips.

Luke -

You only told Luke 3 hours ago that you are pregnant and already he is looking at cots, buggies and clothes. He is so excited but you can't help but feel a bit worried for him, this will effect his life massively and your so confused it's unreal. You arent even sure you want this baby. Thoughts rushed through your mind, your own mother had died giving birth to your younger brother and you didn't wan to die giving birth. You start having a panic attack and Luke looks your way sensing something wrong, he cradles you in his strong arms and whispers calming things and soon the panic attack is over. These attacks weren't one offs, you suffered from aniexty and panic attacks so Luke knew what to do.

"(Y/N) its alright we can take this slowly and not rush into things yh?" You nod and fall back into his arms and slowly drift off.

Ashton -

"I thought I couldn't get pregnant," you scream at Ashton, you had just told him you were pregnant.

"I don't get it (Y/N) one minute you can never get pregnant and the next you are I'm sorry I do want this baby its just I'm so confused and angry!"

"Angry? Your angry what at me its not my bloody fault !" You can just hear the seething in your voice.

"I'm not angry at you (Y/N), I would never be angry at you no I'm angry at that doctor he lied "

At that point you couldn't take any more and collapsed onto the bed crying, Ashton puts his arms around you and repeats the same word in a hushed tone and soon you drift off into a sleep.

"Sorry, sorry, sorry."

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